I worked out today. Like, I did a full workout video and I pushed myself the entire time and I sweat through my workout clothes and my arms and legs are jelly right now. I probably shouldn't be as proud of myself as I am right now but I don't care.

I started this year with big fitness plans. I did the 21-day Fix in January and I did manage to complete my 21 days of working out even though I was pregnant and miserable but then I had a complicated miscarriage. February and most of March are kind of a blur.

I've felt pretty low lately, both physically and mentally. Exercising has not been high on my list of priorities (eating carbs and watching all ten seasons of Friends has been at the top of my list for many weeks. Don't judge me.)

But today I forced myself to workout. I hated most of it. I felt sluggish and awkward. I can already tell that I'm going to be sore tomorrow. But I also feel a lightness that I haven't felt for months. I'm not going to get all "I'm high on liiiiife!" on you but the sun was out today and Grady was exceptionally sweet and I managed to complete a 30-minute workout without barfing or quitting. Today feels good.