Hi! I'm Hillary with two Ls (please).

I live in beautiful British Columbia with my husband and kids (and the world's sweetest-but-dumbest dog, Wolfgang).

Playing in the kitchen is my favourite form of therapy. Whether you’re looking for quick-and-easy meals to fill the space between your evening commute and bedtime, baked goods to make your carb-loving heart swoon, or fresh-pressed juices to satisfy your inner hippie, I’ve got you covered. I’m an unabashed food-pic-poster over on Instagram if you’re into that sort of thing.

I’m mama to Grady, a spirited, hilarious, challenging, full-of-love-and-pluck 5-year-old, and baby Poppy. I’m stumbling my way through this parenthood thing, trying to not screw the kids up too badly, and dreaming of the day when I can use the bathroom without a captive audience.

I’m a cancer survivor. Gin aficionado. Birthday enthusiast. Breastfeeding advocate. Music lover. Brazen Libra. Coffee fanatic. I believe in the healing properties of cake.

I’m PR-friendly and an enthusiastic collaborator. I love sharing and working on projects with other enthusiastic collaborators. People who are genuinely excited about their work / product / passion make my heart happy. Have an idea? Email me here!