Is This Thing On?

You guys, life is all over the place. I have about a hundred things I want to write about and zero time to do it. I miss my poor neglected space on the internet. The more time passes the more difficult it becomes to write here because there is just so much I've missed. So I reckon a quick update is in order. A factory reset so I can get back to posting recipes and silly stories about my hilarious kid without feeling like a fraud for leaving out all the big stuff.

So! Bullet points? Bullet points!

- I started a new three-days-per-week job back in February. I kept one of my freelancing jobs so I'm busy but I love it. I enjoy both of my jobs and I get to work with really cool people at both. I love my days in the office because I get to speak to adults and drink hot coffee. I love my days at home because Grady and I get to go on cool adventures and hang out a lot. It's kind of the perfect balance for our family and I'm loving it. 

- We spent months agonizing over whether or not we should sell our condo and buy a house with Shawn's dad. We put our condo on the market and accepted an offer within two weeks. We found, purchased, and moved into a new house within five weeks of first putting our condo on the market. It was insane. We've been in the new house for six weeks and I still feel a bit twitchy when I think about it.

- Our new house came with a whole whack of issues we weren't expecting. Most notably, we didn't get mail for a month because Canada Post is ridiculous. I have an angry post brewing so I won't expand too much on this one.

- Shawn's dad lives in a self-contained suite on the ground floor of the house and we live on the second floor of the house and I freaking love it. I highly recommend moving in with awesome in-laws if you have the chance. 

- Grady turns three in a few weeks. I don't know how that happened. He keeps asking us for a brother and it breaks my heart a little bit every time.

- My little brother and I signed up for the Ride to Conquer Cancer taking place in August 2015. It's a two-day ride from Vancouver to Seattle. We are idiots. 

- And the big news. The best news. The thanks-for-reading-this-far news: On June 25th, one year, one month, and fifteen days after being diagnosed, I was declared to be in remission. I started my 5-year clock. If I don't have a recurrence between now and June 2019, I will be officially cured. It's a huge relief. Last year, half of my cancer team recommended I go forward with the radioactive iodine treatment and half recommended that I not (thanks, DUDES! For the clarity!) I decided to listen to the doctors who were suggesting I wait to see what my tumour markers did and I am so glad I did. My tumour markers "exceeded expectations" (ten gold cancer stars for me!) so it was decided that the treatment was not necessary unless I experience a recurrence. Which means I am totally blasting Destiny's Child's "Survivor" during my kitchen dance parties and I don't even feel a little bit silly doing so.

Right! That's it! My 2014 so far in bullet points. What have I missed in your life lately?