Money Money Money

Money is a topic that makes me squirmy. I don't like talking about money. I don't like thinking about money. Money makes me feel dumb.

I am the child of a CGA. I have some post-secondary education in accounting. I feel like I know nothing about money.

Shawn and I don't have an official budget. Saying that out loud makes me feel like a failure. We watch our bank account. When we get a bit spendy we reign it in. When our account is flush we spend money gleefully. We have some retirement savings and Grady has an education fund. But we don't have a plan.

A few times per year I resolve to budget and be strict and be a damn grownup about money but it lasts for a week or two before I'm lost or annoyed.

I'm trying to cut myself some slack because life has been hectic and unpredictable lately but I don't want to cut myself too much slack. I want to use my shame and transform it into action. I want to budget. I want to feel financially savvy.

I need your help. What budgeting tools do you use? What money tricks do you have up your sleeve? How do you manage your dollars without feeling like a dope?