Mealtime Battles

I had very strong opinions about what kind of parent I would be and what kind of child I would raise. And then I actually became a parent.

I always said that my child would eat what I served him. I wouldn't cater to any fussiness and he would grow up to be an excellent eater. It took less than a week for my picky toddler to break me.

So now I'm faced with having to sneak health and nutrition into my little fussy eater. Enter my latest creation: the Ice Cream Popsicle.

It's just a can of coconut milk, a can of pineapple with the juice, and 2 cups of plain yogurt, blended up with an immersion blender and frozen into popsicle molds. Grady goes wild for them and I don't feel guilty serving them to him for breakfast or lunch. He's getting some fruit and some protein. I consider that a win.


How do you feed your picky eater?