This past weekend was Canada's birthday and a heatwave and letting Grady eat a cupful of ketchup at Five Guys so Shawn and I could split a bacon cheeseburger in peace. It was family walks to the ice cream shop and buying another Lego set "for Grady" and chopping my hair off because I could. It was sticky hugs and cold beer enjoyed on our patio while our hilarious kid reveled in the joy of sorting ice cubes into different-sized containers.

Apart from one blood test, it was not cancer or hospitals or specialists.

I want to bottle this past weekend up. I want to freeze-frame Sunday evening when my love introduced my heart to the magic of a cold hose on an unbearably hot day. I want to hold it close so when life once again becomes cancer and hospitals and specialists, I'll have something to remind me that life is good and life is here and now (not later, not after cancer, not one day.)