Just a Little Moon Magic

Tonight is the full moon. I'm not suggesting we all gather outside and dance naked under the moonlight but damn, it's been a long, cold winter and I am ready to shed some stuff. Sitting in a quiet, candlelit room without screens, connections, or distractions, and evaluating what the last lunar cycle brought you and what you want to let go of, is a great way to check in with yourself. It's not always comfortable (sometimes the last thing I want to do is ask myself how I'm doing) but I never regret doing it. If you feel a little jangly, light a candle and muster up a couple deep breaths. Sit comfortably with yourself for five minutes, ten if you can manage. Don't worry about what's next. Don't fret about what's happened. Breathe in the moment. And maybe do a little wiggle in the moon's rays if you feel so inclined. Next full moon is March 31st, lovelies. See you then for some more moon magic?