How to Get a Urine Sample from a Child

Let's just file this under "stuff I know that I wish I didn't know."

I had to collect a urine sample from Grady last week. We had to do it a few times when he was really little but it was relatively simple. A nurse taped a sterile bag around his business and we just waited for him to pee. Once, when the situation was a bit more of an emergency, an extremely talented nurse managed to catch the pee in a cup midair when Grady unexpectedly started rage-peeing in response to the threat of a catheter.

Things are different now, though. Grady pees in the potty and he's old enough to pee in a sample cup. Old enough to do it, just not coordinated enough to do it himself. Also, he was a bit fussed by the whole thing. Why do I have to pee in a cup? We don't pee in cups! What are you going to do with my pee cup?

I was dreading the toilet cleanup that was sure to be necessary so I decided to let Grady pee in the shower (with the water off, to be clear). It worked perfectly. He thought it was hilarious, which eliminated the concern he felt about peeing in the cup. He filled the cup and the dribbles were washed straight down the drain as soon as we turned the shower on. No scrubbing necessary!