Making Mom Friends

Grady started kindergarten last week (and has yet to attend a full day of school thanks to gradual entry!) which has provided ample time to scope out my potential mom friends. Every morning we head to the playground to get some beans out before heading to class. I've struck up conversation with a few of the other kids' moms and some of them seem really nice. One in particular seems like she's my kind of mom friend.

I want to make her my friend and I want Grady to be friends with her son.

But I don't want to be creepy about it.

So my question is this: how do you make the first move when you encounter someone you want to be friends with? Making friends when you're a kid is easy. Grady already has a handful of new friends based solely on their shared love of superheroes. But I can't really walk up to another mom on the playground and be all "DO YOU LIKE GIN? I LIKE GIN. WANNA PLAY?" (Though to be completely honest, if one of the other moms said this to me I would not think it's weird at all and I would want to be her friend.)

How do you make friends as an adult?