Gradual Entry

Grady started kindergarten last week but today was his first full day of school. It's called gradual entry and its purpose is to ease the kindergarten kids into it, rather than expecting them to accept full days of school right away.

At least, that's what the school told us.

I suspect that gradual entry is more for the parents' feelings than the kids.

Today was Grady's first full day of school and I missed him. A lot. Shawn had a late start this morning so we walked Grady to school as a family. We watched as he met his buddies on the playground structure and we walked him to his door when the bell rang. He waved goodbye and then that was it; I didn't see him again for six hours.

And we have to do it again tomorrow! And the next day!

I may be struggling a little bit with the realization that my first baby needs me a lot less than he previously did. Don't get me wrong, I'm ecstatic that Grady is adjusting to school so well and accepting the separation from home without (too much) complaint.

But you better believe I'm volunteering for every parent participation opportunity that arises while I'm on maternity leave.