Dragon's Breath Juice Shot

December has been hard on our family. We've battled stomach flu, head colds, chest colds, Poppy ended up with pneumonia, and now Shawn has the flu flu. Influenza flu. The "can't get out of bed, everything hurts, I have a fever and it's the end of the world" flu. 

He also has New Year's Eve and New Year's Day gigs so we need to get him back on his feet quickly. 

A friend suggested a dragon's breath shot. Squeeze some lemon, grate some fresh ginger, sprinkle some cayenne into a shot glass and drink.  

I decided to whip out my good ol' Omega to make it a fresh juice shot. 


1 lemon, peel removed but leave as much of the pith as possible

1-2 inches fresh ginger (don't both peeling) 

1/2 jalapeño (leave the seeds and membrane for heat) 


Feed ingredients through juicer. Consume within a couple hours.  

The quantity you end up with will vary depending on the size of your ingredients but I got approximately 3oz of fresh juice.

This juice is not a sipper. I literally poured it into 1oz shot glasses and we knocked it back like it was tequila. It isn't a miracle cure but it does provide a boost of vitamin C, the ginger helps with headache and body pains, and the jalapeño can help clear the sinuses.