Friday Faff

What I should be doing: figuring out rain gear for my ride. What I am doing: faffing. Join me?

Taylor Swift. Singing "Smelly Cat." With Phoebe Buffay. Yes.

* * *

Canadians, if you're interested in trying the Diva Cup (trust me, you should try the Diva Cup) has a 20%-off sale on through the 30th. (Not an affiliate link; I just love the Diva Cup and love!)

* * *

I've told you about my love for Fabletics before but I need to tell you about the most wonderful bra I ordered from them last month. The Hudson bralette is amazing. It's comfortable and not restricting at all. It's not meant for high impact workouts but it's perfect for yoga, cycling, weights - workouts without a lot of bouncing. (Real talk: I don't just wear mine when I work out. I also wear it out in real life instead of wearing a proper bra.) Now, I don't have a lot of real estate in the boobage area so definitely take that into consideration before you buy one, but if your chest is on the smaller side, and you like comfortable non-bra bras, this is the bra for you. And if you order using my link, I'll get $10 to spend on workout gear (and I will love you forever).