Project: Hillary the Cyclist - Time to Ride

You guys. Today is the day. Day one of the Ride to Conquer Cancer. (Hold me.)

I'm about to get on my bike and ride about 125km to Mt. Vernon. And then! I'm going to get up the next day and ride another 115km or so to the finish line. I know. I am trying to remember that I signed up for this. This was my decision. I had reasons and there was thought involved and this wasn't some crazy whim. But right now I am just terrified.

I'll try to update Instagram throughout the ride if you want to follow along (and laugh at my discomfort). Hopefully all goes well and I'll be telling you all about how sore my butt is on Monday.

Let's do this.


Want to learn more about my journey? You can read about how Cap's Krusty's Bicycles got me started here. You can read about what the Ride to Conquer Cancer means to me here.