May is a tough month for me. I was diagnosed with cancer in May. I had my second thyroid surgery in May (the surgery that resulted in a four-day hospital stay instead of an overnight stay due to complications.).

I feel like I do a pretty good job of living life and not getting stuck in the past and then May hits and I'm an anxious mess. I feel bruised and raw, like my emotions are buzzing through my body like electricity, ready to spark and ignite anyone who comes too close. 

I'm ready for June is what I'm saying.  

They say time heals all wounds but no one defines how much time. It's annoying. I very much would like someone to tell me that three years, five months, and two days after my cancer diagnosis I will feel like a normal person again. I would love to have a timeline or a suggested schedule or something other than this unfocused fretting that hits me out of nowhere.