Sweet Stuff

I've got a pretty wicked sweet tooth. If given a choice between sweet and salty, nine times out of ten I'm reaching for the sweet treats. Cinnamon buns are my spirit animal. My life motto is "everything can be made better with frosting." Woo me with cake is what I'm saying.

Hello, lover.  

Hello, lover.  

Grady has developed a taste for chocolate. I want to teach him that treats are great in moderation but it's difficult to enforce when I'm hiding in the closet eating Girl Guide cookies.

I want to find recipes for somewhat healthy sweets but I'm intimidated by all the gluten-free, coconut sugar, paleo, beet cookies out there. I can cook healthy food no problem but ask me to make healthy baked goods and I break out in a cold sweat.

Where do you find recipes for healthy(ish) baked goods? How do you keep your sweet tooth in check?