G8 Green Juice

This juice has a lot of vibrant flavours but is surprisingly mellow for green juice. It hits all the nutritional high points and has much less sodium than store-bought V8.


1 small bunch mint
1 small bunch parsley
3 - 4 kale leaves
1 grapefruit, zest removed but leave as much of the pith as possible
1 orange, zest removed, leave the pith, yada yada yada
1 lime, zest gone, pith stays, you get it
1 pear, cored
1 piece cucumber, about 4 inches in length

G8 Green Juice || Hillary with 2Ls


Feed fruits and vegetables through your juicer. I have an Omega J8006 which is a masticating juicer so I do my herbs first, followed by leafy greens and citrus, and I leave my hardest fruits and veg for the end to sort of "clean" as much out of the machine as possible.

Serve over ice. Makes four juices (quantity varies because of natural products).

Depending on what kind of juicer you have, you can keep your fresh juice in an airtight container in the fridge for some time (I try to consume within 12 hours but I've been known to keep juice for up to 24 hours) before it starts to lose a significant amount of its nutrients.

G8 Green Juice || Hillary with 2Ls