ROAM 2015 - Inbox Zero

I'm headed to ROAM at the end of the month (won't you join me?) and I can't decide which event excites me most. (That's a lie. I'm most excited for the Prohibition Party because I'm 99% sure that "Prohibition" is just a fancy way of saying "we have gin.") If I had to choose one not-to-be-missed non-gin event, I'd choose Inbox Zero. I can't quite wrap my mind around the thought of being caught up on email. The concept is too foreign. Email is like laundry - never-ending and impossible to get ahead of. I would love to feel like I was managing my inbox, rather than constantly feeling stressed out about it.


Truth time: what is the current state of your inbox? You'll get no judging from me. Those who live in glass houses and whatnot.