Chuck It

Shawn was away all weekend, the hottest weekend we've had so far this year, so routines and rules and schedules went out the window. Grady and I ate popsicles for lunch and cold cereal for dinner. We stayed up late and took long, sticky naps all afternoon. We stood under the garden hose and ignored the dishes and the laundry and the yet-to-be-unpacked boxes in the garage.

It was a hot weekend. At times it was a tough weekend. But it was also a fun weekend. My little sidekick and I went on adventures (aquarium! All the playgrounds! Stanley Park!) and we had deep conversations about superheroes (Iron Man is still the best but Spider-Man is creeping up in popularity) and we had fun in a way that is difficult when I'm caught up in to-do lists and deadlines.

It was a good reminder that sometimes I need to forget all the other stuff and just have fun with my kid. Not shirk all responsibilities all the time, no. But Mount Laundry didn't cause the world to end this weekend and I'm happier today than if I'd stressed to get it all done.