Living Extraordinary

Living Extraordinary Live is hitting Vancouver October 21st, 2014.

What is Living Extraordinary Live? Living Extraordinary is an event presented by Conscious Divas, featuring ten local luminaries (a mix of authors, business people, healthcare providers, speakers, and community leaders) sharing their consciousness-raising experiences and insights. Topics will range from health, happiness, mindfulness, spirituality, relationships, sexuality, sustainability, social entrepreneurship, charity, and abundance. 

Living Extraordinary speaks to me as the last few years have been particularly challenging and I've struggled to find a way to live a happy, fulfilled life. I worked at an intense, extremely stressful job for eight years. I went back to work when Grady was six months old and I was miserable. I felt stuck in a job I absolutely hated because it paid a lot of money and money equals success (or so I thought.) I'm so happy I had the strength and support to quit that horrible job when Grady turned one. 

But quitting my job didn't make me happy. I felt adrift. And then I was diagnosed with cancer. My life went from being kind of directionless (just quit my job, what am I going to do with my life?) to being focused in a very specific and not enjoyable direction (get through cancer treatment.) 

And now here I am: cancer-free, working at two jobs where I am respected and valued, and trying to live a happy life every day. 

I'm excited to attend Living Extraordinary because I'm interested in hearing how others have been inspired to live an extraordinary life. I feel like I've made steps in the right direction but I'm lacking that last bit of oomph I need to live a bold, soulful, creative life full of joy. 

If Living Extraordinary sounds like something that could benefit you, use code MYFRIEND for a 25% discount and join me for an inspiring night on October 21st from 6:30 - 9:30 at the Imperial Theatre in Vancouver.