Cold Peanut Lime Zoodle Salad

I'm loathe to support food pretending to be other food (utter the words "cauliflower nachos" near me and I will lose it) but I have a soft spot for zoodles (or zucchini noodles) when they're used in cold salads. 

This salad is light and refreshing, and pairs nicely with tofu if you're staying veggie, or grilled flank steak marinated with lots of fresh ginger and garlic if you're a carnivore. 



1/4 cup light soy sauce
1/4 cup natural peanut butter (smooth if you don't like texture, crunchy if you don't mind a little...crunch)
juice of 2 limes
2 teaspoons sesame oil (play with this until you find your preferred level of sesame. Always start small; you can always add more)
1 clove garlic, minced
sriracha to taste


2 medium-sized zucchinis, spiralized (I use this bad boy. It isn't anything fancy but it does the trick)
1 small head broccoli, chopped finely (I just chop the florets, in the same way I do my broccoli slaw)
1/2 cucumber, spiralized
1/4 red onion, thinly sliced
1 bell pepper, seeded and diced
1/2 cup frozen edamame, shelled


Whisk together dressing ingredients.

Mix together salad fixings and add half the dressing. Mix well and then continue to add more dressing until you reach your desired level of dressed. I like to keep a little dressing separate for dipping my crispy tofu in. 

Chill in the fridge until serving. This salad is best when it's cold.

Serves 4.

Optional: If you're feeling fancy, top with sliced green onions, chopped nuts, fresh chilies, cilantro, etc. Spiralized carrot would be killer in this salad but Shawn has an allergy so I'm deprived (whomp whomp). 


Meal Plan 07/25/2016 - 07/29/2016

I'm very excited for this week's meal plan because Grady's birthday is Tuesday. When we lived at home, my Mom used to let the birthday kid pick whatever they wanted for their birthday dinner and she'd make it. My little brother chose pancakes and ice cream every year so every year my health-conscious, salad-with-every-dinner mom would let us eat pancakes and ice cream for dinner. It turns out that Grady is a lot like Uncle Westy because when I asked him what I should make for his birthday dinner he requested waffles, bacon, and ice cream. Well played, kid.

Monday: Zucchini frittata, green juice, greek salad.

Tuesday: Birthday waffles, bacon, and ice cream! Shawn and I will also have leftover frittata to pretend we're grownups.

Wednesday: Grilled salmon served with quinoa and sautéed veggies.

Thursday: Giant green salads served with chicken wings for Shawn and leftover salmon for me.

Friday: Pierogis and grilled smokies served with green salad.

Late Summer Veggie Pizza

It's Monday! Let's get meatless.

This pizza celebrates the late summer garden. Fresh zucchini, tomatoes, and bell peppers make a flavourful and satisfying pizza pie. I added olives because Shawn doesn't deign to eat them or vegetarian pizza so I may as well go big or go home, right?


pizza dough (this is still my favourite)
pizza sauce
zucchini, sliced thinly
cherry tomatoes, sliced
bell peppers, sliced thinly
sliced olives (I used manzanilla)
cheese blend (I used shredded mozzarella with fine dusting of pecorino romano on top)
freshly ground black pepper
dried oregano leaves



Preheat oven to 425F.

Roll dough to desired thinness. Spread with pizza sauce and top with zucchini, tomatoes, bell peppers, olives, and cheese(s). Sprinkle lightly with pepper and oregano.

Bake for 15 - 18 minutes, until crust is lightly browned and cheese is bubbly.



Zucchini Frittata

We're trying to eat less meat so I've been experimenting with eggs recently. This frittata was the result of a fridge full of zucchini and no time to go grocery shopping. 


1 large onion, sliced (I used a purple onion for some sweetness)

1 medium zucchini, diced (approximately 2 heaping cups) 

1 Tbsp olive oil

4 eggs, beaten

1 cup milk

salt and pepper

6 - 8 cherry tomatoes, cut in half (I used orange grape tomatoes because that's all I had)


Preheat oven to 350F. 

Saute zucchini and onions in olive oil for 5-7 minutes until onions are translucent.  

Whisk together eggs and milk, add salt and pepper to taste (this frittata benefits from a generous dose of freshly ground black pepper). 

Put zucchini and onion mixture in the bottom of a 9-inch pie plate. Top with tomatoes (cut side up) and eggs.  

Bake in preheated oven for 35-40 minutes until centre is set. You should be able to give the pie plate a little wiggle and see the centre move slightly but not slosh around.  

This frittata is great for breakfast but I've also served it with roasted sweet potatoes and green salad for a vegetarian dinner.