Celebrating International Babywearing Week with Beluga Baby

Today is the last day of International Babywearing Week. I celebrate babywearing almost every day when I strap Poppy on to go for a walk, or make a meal, or just to calm her down when she's extra fussy, but I wanted to take a minute to send some serious love to one of the baby products that got me through the fussy newborn stage.


(This isn't a sponsored post. I'm not being compensated for this "review" though it does contain affiliate links. I just love the product because it helped me through an extremely rough stage of Poppy's babyhood.)


I wasn't aware of babywearing until Grady was about six months old and I jumped on the Moby bandwagon. I loved wearing Grady but I missed out on the newborn stage. I was determined to wear Poppy from day one but my Moby felt too large for a tiny baby. I did a bit of research and discovered Beluga Baby. It appealed to me on a local love level (it was started by a BC mama) but also because of its build. The Beluga Baby wrap is smaller / shorter than the Moby, and much more stretchy.


I love my Beluga Baby wrap and more importantly, so does Poppy. I started wearing her when she was a week old and I've continued to wear her (the Beluga Baby wrap is good for babies up to 25lbs). There's just something about the soft, stretchy material that cradles her body against mine; it doesn't matter how fussy or overtired she is, as soon as I wrap her against my chest she melts into me and falls asleep.


I've professed my love for Beluga Baby so much that the lovely mama who created it has given me a discount code to share: use twoLs at checkout (I'm not affiliated and I don't receive anything if you use this code, it's all about sharing the love, baby). I've got the Shannon but I have serious googly heart eyes over the Caitlyn (it's not weird to want two stretchy wraps, right? Someone please help me justify this purchase!).

Do you wear your baby? Do you like stretchy wraps, ring slings, or structured carriers?