Sparkling Strawberry Mint Lemonade

BC is in the middle of a bit of a heat wave right now and my family is a bit befuddled. We don't do well with heat. Today Grady told me I couldn't be grumpy because he was grumpy enough for both of us (and he totally was).

This drink is light and refreshing and tastes like summer in a glass. Add gin or vodka if you're serving the adult crowd.

Step 1: Gently muddle a few (4 - 6) fresh mint leaves and a sliced strawberry in the bottom of a tall glass.

Step 1.5: Feel very smug if you grew the mint and/or strawberries in your own garden.

Step 2: Add ice.

Step 3: Top with lemonade and soda water in the ratio you prefer. We like it 1:1 in our house.

Step 4: Enjoy!

If you want to take this drink to the next level, replace the mint with 0.5oz of rosemary simple syrup. There's something magic about the combination of rosemary, strawberries, and lemon.


Strawberry Shortcake

Summer means strawberries. BC grows beautiful strawberries and late June / early July is when they're perfect. My mom would pile us all into the station wagon and drive us out to the valley to pick buckets of berries when school was done for the year. Summer means dirt under my fingernails and berry juice running down my chin. Summer means strawberry shortcake. 

There are strong opinions when it comes to strawberry shortcake. Do you use a sponge cake? Angel food? Or do you do strawberry shortcake the right way?  I'm a traditional strawberry shortcake kind of gal who is married to a sponge cake enthusiast. Strawberry shortcake conversations are tense in our household is what I'm saying. (Don't worry - I'm raising my son right. Biscuit-y strawberry shortcake forever!) 

I love this strawberry shortcake recipe. I only use a tablespoon or so of sugar on the berries, and I add a dash of vanilla to the cream, but other than that I leave the recipe as is (which says a lot - I rarely follow recipes as they're written.) 


What is your favourite summertime treat?