Well we can add pneumonia to the list of how 2013 is breaking me. Grady is finally over his toddler man cold (thank fuck) so now it's just me and Shawn competing for sympathy and tea in bed. You would think the one-two punch of cancer and pneumonia would trump the man cold but you would be wrong. (I say that with love. Shawn rarely gets sick but when he does he is the Sickest There Ever Was or Ever Will Be.) 

Canadian Thanksgiving is this weekend. My birthday is this weekend. It's my favourite weekend of the year. I'm crossing everything that this new antibiotic knocks the pneumonia out before the weekend so I can partake in all the Thanksgiving and birthday loveliness I have planned.  

Can you do me a favour? Can you link me to your favourite Thanksgiving / birthday recipes? Looking at photos of delicious food and dreaming of a Thanksgiving feast is the only thing cheering me up right now.