Landscape SOS

Our front yard is in need of a little DIY TLC (OMGWTFBBQ?). It was mostly finished when we moved in last year but then we neglected it and now it is just sad. We knew when we moved in that we wanted to put up a small retaining wall and level the front lawn but for some strange reason, just talking about it hasn't actually resulted in anything being done. 

So! This year we are going to pretty up our sad front yard. We want to put up a small stone retaining wall at the property line (about a foot above the end of the hill) and then get the city to raise the utility access points so we can add some fill to level the front lawn. We just need someone to tell us what to do with the rest. What would you do with our yard?


Iron Man is going to be pissed to lose his power station but he'll get over it.


Sad neglected yard :( 


In 2015 I will attend my oldest friend's bachelorette party where I will sip fruity, alcoholic drinks and not worry about pickling a fetus.

In 2015 I will drive to Seattle to attend The Blathering and meet friends I've only known through my computer screen.

In 2015 I will give all the new baby cuddles to my soon(ish)-to-arrive-niece.

In 2015 I will paint my bedroom and not worry that my fetus is getting high from the fumes.

In 2015 I will seriously consider taking Grady camping.

In 2015 I will train for and complete The Ride to Conquer Cancer (and not be 9 months pregnant when I cross the finish line.)

In 2015 I will go to England. I will watch my oldest friend get married. I will hug heart friends I haven't seen in person since 2007. I may also go to Ireland because I am still walking around with dead baby bits inside of me and that carries a lot of sway when discussing travel plans.

In 2015 I will continue to work on my fitness because I actually quite enjoy it, and at some point I will wear a bikini because all this sweat has got to be for something, right?

In 2015 I will drink all the gin and eat all the soft cheese my heart desires.

In 2015 I will celebrate my second cancerversary and celebrate one year in remission (just four more to go before I get my "all clear.")

In 2015 I will finally see Banff and Lake Louise.

In 2015 I will turn 33. Shawn will turn 37. Grady will turn 4. We will have epic birthday celebrations. There will be much cake.

In 2015 I will continue to try to find my happy, even when things feel a bit gloomy.