How to Remove Berry Stains

It's berry season! Which means it's berry-stained-clothing season. My mom taught me a trick to remove berry stains when I was a kid and I still use it. 

This trick works best when stains are fresh and it definitely works better on some fabrics (e.g. cotton) than others.  

Boil some water. Gently stretch the stained article of clothing over a glass or jar. Slowly pour the water directly onto the stain.  

Pro tip: go slowly. I ended up with a burn after I poured too quickly and the water pooled on top of the fabric and then spilled over onto my hand. You could also secure the fabric around the glass using an elastic band so your hands are nowhere near the boiling water. 

Depending on your fabric and how old your stain is, the boiling water is usually enough to remove it completely - no soaps or nasty concoctions required!