Little Lotus

Little Lotus is a revolutionary line of baby products, including a swaddle, sleeping bag, and blanket. Doesn't sound so revolutionary, right? Stick with me. The swaddle is made with a proprietary phase change material (initially designed for NASA space suits) that keeps infants at an optimal temperature, both storing and releasing heat as needed to keep baby safe, cozy, and comfortable. You can wrap your baby in a space swaddle is what I'm saying.


The Little Lotus baby products were inspired by the Embrace Warmer, the low-cost baby warmer responsible for helping 150,000+ vulnerable babies worldwide. 

Little Lotus will operate on a Toms Shoes-inspired model: for every product sold, a baby will be helped by the Embrace warmer in a developing country, so that new parents can keep their babies cozy, and also extend a “warm embrace” to babies all over the world.

The print of the Little Lotus baby products is inspired by the Touch our Future artwork, and features the hand tracings of mothers and babies in developing countries helped by the Embrace infant warmers.  


Little Lotus launched their Kickstarter campaign today. If it's successfully funded, we'll have a sweet little giveaway here on Hillary with two Ls (please) and you'll have the chance to win a Little Lotus product. If you want to follow along with Little Lotus' progress, check them out on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

Canuck Place Adventure Race 2014

Canuck Place Children's Hospice is one of those things I'm grateful exists, while simultaneously hoping I never need to visit. 

The Canuck Place Adventure Race 2014 is a family-oriented, multi-sport event and barbecue held to raise funds for critical care programs for BC children with life-threatening illnesses and their families. It will be held September 7, 2014 at Jericho Beach and consists of different courses to suit all abilities. 

You can register as an individual or as a team. The course offers the best of Vancouver - kayak, mountain bike, and trail run - in varying lengths to accommodate all levels of physical fitness. You don't have to be a superstar athlete to participate, The Canuck Place Adventure Race is meant to be a fun, family-friendly event. There's a great FAQ section on the site if you have any questions (like "will I have to bring my own kayak?" Nope! You don't! Kayaks are supplied.) 

Grady and I aren't feeling very sporty this year so we're not going to tackle the course but we are going to check out the barbecue and show our support for BC's sick kids. We'd love to see you there!