That Time I Didn't Have Cancer

Speaking from experience, going to a doctor's appointment convinced you have cancer and being told you do not is infinitely better than going to a doctor's appointment confident you do not have cancer and being told you do. I've done it both ways. Today, hearing the specialist tell me my pathology report came back clear felt like a million pounds being lifted off my shoulders. I have been paralyzed for months anticipating the surgery, having the surgery date changed multiple times, fretting, planning my kid's birthday parties just in case the surgery went wrong, actually having the damn surgery, and recovering. Today is my New Year's Day. A January 1st redo on May 1st. I'm celebrating with bubbly, obviously. Because that's what New Year's Day calls for. Cheers!

How to Seamlessly Switch Between Multiple Instagram Accounts

One of the main annoyances I had with Instagram was the inability to switch between multiple accounts the way I could with Twitter. I have my own Instagram account but I also maintain one for someone else. Whenever I wanted to switch between accounts I had to completely log out of mine and then enter the full username and password of the other. It was the very definition of a first world problem but still annoying.

Until now.

I had heard rumblings of Instagram rolling out a new feature that allowed seamless switching within accounts but heard it was being tested on Android so as an iPhone user I would have a bit of a wait. Annoying but doable.

Yesterday came the news that with the latest Instagram update (7.15 for iOS), both Apple and Android users would be given this long-awaited feature.

Cue my happy dance.

Except when I followed the instructions, I didn't have the option to add an account. I thought I was going crazy until someone who had the feature took a screenshot of their phone to show me where the option should be. I wasn't going crazy, I just didn't have the feature yet. Cue hand-wringing and Facebook moaning.

It turns out my angst was unnecessary (as it so often is) and just a few hours later, the option was added to my account. I've added additional accounts to my account and now I can seamlessly switch between them without logging off and entering the new account information every time.

Happy Days!

No option to Add Account. Sad Face.

No option to Add Account. Sad Face.

Add Account magically appears! And all is well with the world.

Add Account magically appears! And all is well with the world.