Can we talk about something frivolous for a minute? I realize in the grand scheme of things my hair is not exactly a pressing matter but I need hair help. I need suggestions. I need advice. I need someone to tell me what to do.  

This is my hair: 


This is also my grumpy morning face.  

My hair is very fine and is also thinning thanks to kids and cancer and wonky hormones. I haven't had it cut in 8ish? months. The last time I had it coloured was April of 2016. 

I have a hair appointment scheduled for Saturday. Normally I would just show up and my amazing stylist would tell me what she was going to do, she'd do it, I'd love it, end of story. But my amazing stylist has left the hair world (SADNESS) and I'm going to someone new. Cue panic.  

I had virgin hair when I started seeing my old stylist so she was able to do my foils using "high lift" (I don't know anything about hair but this excited her). Do I continue highlighting my hair? Do I go darker? Do I chop it all off and start new? Tell me what to do. 

I wear my hair up in a messy bun pretty much every day. I have a lot of postpartum regrowth creating a fuzzy halo around my face and nape of my neck. The regrowth is about 50% grey because bodies are the worst. My hair is wavy and gets curlier the shorter it gets. The picture above is after I blow dried it without product. If I let my hair air dry it's a frizzy, wavy mess. 

I am not adverse to longer, sideswept bangs but my hair can't do blunt bangs. I cannot do a lot of layers or the frizz gets out of control. I am toying with attempting the Curly Girl Method to see what happens (but I'm also so very tired so probably I'll attempt it in 2019).

So! What should I do with this mop? Bonus points for links and pictures.  

Braided Headband

I love braids for summer because I don't deal well with heat and one of my pet peeves is hair sticking to my skin. I learned how to do a braided headband from Whippy Cake. This tutorial to be precise. I love it because I feel polished even though I'm working with day-three hair and I'm just trying to avoid a sweaty neck.

My hair is currently shoulder-length but I've done this braid with much shorter hair. It definitely gets more challenging the longer your hair gets but I've learned that a lot of braid mistakes can be fixed with a little hairspray or a well-place bobby pin.

What I've learned:

  • Never attempt with freshly washed hair. I usually don't even try it with day-two hair. You want a buildup of product, sweat, and oils in your hair to give it some oomph and staying power. With that being said, you don't want your braid to look greasy so make sure you spray your hair liberally with dry shampoo before you start. I also don't try this braid if I've straightened my hair - the natural wave and curl of my hair gives the braid more grip. I'm not saying you can't do this braid if you have straight hair, it just requires more product to make sure it doesn't slip out of the braid.
  • A dramatically deep part will give you the best braided headband, even if it feels a bit weird when you start.
  • Product is your friend. I start with dry shampoo to make sure my braid doesn't look greasy and to give my hair some texture. After I finish my braid, I sprinkle volumizing powder lightly on the braid and gently pat it in to make the braid appear fuller than it actually is (my hair is pitifully fine). If I have any strays that I need to fix I just spray them lightly with hairspray and pat them into place.
  • Stay loose. My instinct when I braid is to pull the braid tight against my head but tighter is not better in this case. You want to keep your braid loose, looser than feels comfortable, because it will give you room to manipulate and pull your braid into place (and you can then bobby pin it exactly how you want it).
  • Don't strive for perfection. This braid looks great when it's not too perfect. I don't spray my flyaways, I don't worry about loose or uneven bits, I let it stay a bit messy.

What I use (affiliate links):

Stuff I Love

I'm loving hard on a few things lately so I figured I'd share the love instead of keeping these gems to myself. This post contains affiliate links like a boss.

Let the Elephants Run by David Usher

Okay, so I'll admit that I'm biased. I am a huge David Usher fan. I own all of his music. I go to his live shows whenever he's in town. He's had the number one spot on my laminated list for as many years as I've had a laminated list. David Usher is so totally my boyfriend.

I was bound to love his book is what I'm saying. But I don't just love Let the Elephants Run, I like it too. It makes creativity feel accessible. I enjoyed his ideas for incorporating creativity into daily life and it made me excited to try. I also loved his personal anecdotes on the creative process he follows (because they're inspiring, not because I'm a crazy stalker lady.)

If you are a creative person or if you're trying to get back to being a creative person or if you're raising a creative person, I highly recommend you check out Let the Elephants Run by David Usher.

Night Time Tea by Pukka

I've been curling up with a mug of this tea every night for the last week. I wouldn't say that it's helping me sleep better (there is no sleep) but it is providing a nice, soothing nighttime ritual. I'm a huge fan of lavender tea and this blend is rounded out nicely with oat flower, limeflower, and valerian. I don't know what those are but they taste great.

Chaos and the Calm by James Bay

You guys. Try to imagine the musical baby of Dan Mangan, Ed Sheeran, Passenger, and a less-smarmy James Blunt. Then imagine he looks like a baby Jack White and you've got James Bay. I can't stop listening to Chaos and the Calm. The whole album is fantastic but standout tracks for me include "When We Were on Fire," "Scars," "Move Together," "Need the Sun to Break," and "Incomplete." I honestly cannot pare my favourites down more than that. Raspy, growly, feeling-y, guitar-y boys have my heart. I can't fight it.

Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious Reactivating Mist

I've got to be honest, I don't love the scent of this spray but I do love that it's light and gives my day-two curls a bit of bounce and volume (plus the smell dissipates quickly so I can deal with it.)

Hampton Links Reversible Duvet by Jill Rosenwald

I love my new bedding so much! I was worried I'd feel a bit smothered by the dark blue but it's actually really soothing and lovely. I think the navy blue looks really elegant against the dark wood of our bedframe and white accents in the bedroom.

What do you currently love? Share with the class!


I do not love my hair. I never have. My cancer hair is especially grim (says the lady who already feels weird cancer guilt for not losing all her hair to chemo, so really, no need to tell me how lucky I am, thanks.)

Wonky hormones have resulted in dry, brittle hair and some patchy hair loss. Something needed to be done.

So even though I was feeling depressed (a ridiculous time to cut your hair significantly, I know) I decided to chop it all off.

The result isn't what I asked for. I don't LOVE love the cut but I do love that it's different. I feel a bit peppier. Getting rid of the mop of stringy, frizzy, dead hair has made me feel lighter (and less stringy, frizzy, and dead in general.)

Sometimes I can be such a chick.