Tiny Happy Tuesday: Wednesday Edition

Tiny Happy Tuesday on a Wednesday? Sounds good to me! Technically I did write most of this on Tuesday, but then Shawn had band practice so I did bedtime solo and by the time Poppy stopped crushing my spirit and actually fell asleep, I was too depleted to return to it. So here we are. On Wednesday. Fortunately it’s my blog and I make the rules. Onward!

  • I’m currently experiencing a bit of a parenting low season. I reached out for help in my sister group text, on Instagram, and on Facebook, and I have been inundated with book recommendations, support, cheerleading, funny memes, encouraging messages, and offers of chocolate delivery. I am absolutely stunned at the volume of love that’s been sent my way ever since I mentioned I’m struggling.

  • Grady is being Link from the Legend of Zelda for Hallowe’en and when he puts his costume on he transforms into character. It’s wonderful. I love this kid age where pretend play is still cool and he’s got this amazing imagination and vocabulary to draw on.

  • We’re doing diversity and inclusion training at work this week and it’s the kind of thing that gets me jazzed. I really enjoyed my session and the conversations I had with coworkers afterward. I hope it’s something we continue to work on and not a one-off training session to check some boxes.

  • Cheese. Is there a more perfect food? I don’t think there is.

What’s making you happy this week?

Tiny Happy Tuesday

Writing Tiny Happy Tuesday after my birthday week Festival of Hillary could become a novel so I’ll attempt to keep this brief:

  • Connection. Oh my goodness, my connection cup runneth over this week. Visits, calls, texts, messages, cards, meals - my people did their best to make me feel loved and celebrated on my birthday. I am a lucky, lucky lady.

  • Birthday cake for breakfast. Is there anything better? No, there is not.

  • My mom’s apple pie with crumbly cheese topping made with Martha’s cheddar crust. Perfection.

  • Sunday’s clear skies and full moon.

  • Sunny breaks in between the rain for family walks and a bit of autumn gardening.

  • City and Colour’s newest album.

  • Modern medicine (I think I have a sinus infection. I am not a fan.)

Tiny Happy Tuesday

What’s this? Tiny Happy Tuesday two weeks in a row? I smell a streak coming!

  • Poppy has been watching a lot of Peppa Pig lately and has picked up a bit of a British accent. It’s about as good as you’d expect a three-year-old’s fake British accent to be, and sometimes borders on Moira Rose-esque. It’s challenging to capture (because Poppy refuses to perform) and impossible to imitate so you’ll just have to take my word for it; it’s freaking hilarious.

  • I have 70 tulip bulbs to plant in my garden this week. Vibrant red, frilly pink, and buttery yellow. I’m excited to spend some time digging in the dirt and I’m looking forward to the first glimpse of my tulip babies come spring.

  • It’s birthday week. The Festival of Hillary. I have big plans to build my best cheese plate, bake my favourite chocolate cake, buy comfy new pyjamas, and sloth around with my family. I am very excited.

  • Grady and I have plans to hit the Scholastic Book Fair tomorrow morning before school. The birthday gods truly are smiling down on me.

What’s contributing to your happy this week?

The Return of Tiny Happy Tuesday

Somewhere along the way I got out of the habit of doing my weekly blogging gratitude practice and I miss it. To be completely honest, I’m digging pretty deep today to find my happy but that’s probably a good indication that I need Tiny Happy Tuesday today more than ever.

What is Tiny Happy Tuesday? You can find out more here but the Tl;dr is: It's a place to pop little snippets of the good stuff. The stuff that makes me smile, the stuff that gives me the warm and fuzzies, the stuff that reminds me that for the most part my life is wonderful and I'm a much happier person when I acknowledge that.


So! A tiny list of tiny happies currently making me feel grateful for my messy, noisy, beautiful life:

  • It’s October 1st! The first day of the best month. It’s pumpkin pie season and birthday season and colourful leaves season and spooky season. I can’t be stopped in October.

  • I’m listening to Maybe You Should Talk to Someone on audiobook and it’s made my commute so much more enjoyable. I didn’t connect with the author at first (her cadence kind of threw me off) but I’m glad I stuck with it because I’m obsessed with this book so far.

  • My friend and her friend published a cookbook! I am seriously jazzed by people who have creative ideas and then follow through, do the work, and have something amazing to show for it. Hack Your Cupboard: Make Great Food with What You’ve Got is full of recipes and methods to help build confidence and familiarity in the kitchen. Carla is my hotel roommate when I travel with friends and she’s one of the best things I’ve ever found on the internet. Let me gush for just a minute, okay? She’s got great taste in snacks and amazing hair and one of the kindest hearts I’ve ever met.

  • It’s Taco Tuesday and I’ve got perfect avocados.

What’s making you happy?

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