Creative Sides *Giveaway*

This year I decided to try to expand my blogging world by saying "yes" more and by applying for things I may not have had the guts to apply for in the past. And it has earned me a bucket of rejections, let me tell you. But it's also led to some really cool opportunities, which is my roundabout way of telling you that I'm very excited to become a Creative Sides contributor.

Creative Sides is a place to find cooking, baking, and crafting inspiration. I'm a novice crafter but Grady loves to get his art on so I'm eagerly following the other contributors' posts to get ideas for my budding Picasso. My goal is to focus on posting original recipes like my Roasted Balsamic Red Onion Blossoms (you guys are going to want to try these. They look like you put a ton of effort into them but they're actually really easy to make and taste amazing.).

Head on over to Creative Sides and see if there's something there that sparks your creativity. And don't forget to enter the sweet giveaway for your chance to win either $100 at Michaels or Bed, Bath & Beyond (there will be two lucky winners!).

I Should Not Be Allowed to Touch Computers

You guys, I am so frustrated. I cannot figure out Squarespace. I wanted to move away from Blogger because I felt like I couldn't interact (I would try to reply to a comment and get the "noreply@blogger" business) but Squarespace is proving to be just as frustrating / complicated. Or ... maybe I am just really dumb. Either is a viable possibility.  

I just tried to email the winners for my giveaway but I cannot figure out how to get their email addresses. You have to enter an email address to leave a comment. I should be able to access that email address, shouldn't I? I have the option of responding to comments on my blog but I don't know if that means the comment just goes up on my blog or if it's emailed to the original commenter  (spellcheck is telling me that commenter isn't a word but I am tired and feisty so it stays.) Does anyone know what I'm talking about / how to fix it? I have zero energy to figure this out on my own. 

So I tracked down my winners using alternate methods. Christina, Jessica, and Kara - check your Twitter DMs, Facebook, and email respectively. Thanks!  

Snugabell Giveaway

Today marks the start of World Breastfeeding Week and to celebrate, Snugabell has generously donated a PumpEase Wet Bag and two Keepsake Colouring Books so I could host a giveaway. 

I'm lucky enough to work for Snugabell (I manage the Facebook page and Twitter account) so I have firsthand knowledge of the awesomeness that is the PumpEase Wet Bag. It's not just a bag to transport pump parts (though it's large enough to handle even the biggest pump.) I use mine for travel-sized toiletries or to keep my phone and wallet dry at the water park. You could use it to transport wet bathing suits home from the pool or wet diapers if you're the cloth diapering sort. The PumpEase Wet Bag comes in six adorable prints and because Snugabell is super cool, the winner of the PumpEase Wet Bag will get to choose the print they want to receive. (I've got the T-bird Red because polka dots speak to my soul.) 

If you'd like to win either the PumpEase Wet Bag or a Keepsake Colouring Book, leave a comment telling me what you're most looking forward to in August (how is it already August?) I know Squarespace's commenting system is a bit wonky for some people so I will also count the comments left here