Project: Hillary the Cyclist - Time to Ride

You guys. Today is the day. Day one of the Ride to Conquer Cancer. (Hold me.)

I'm about to get on my bike and ride about 125km to Mt. Vernon. And then! I'm going to get up the next day and ride another 115km or so to the finish line. I know. I am trying to remember that I signed up for this. This was my decision. I had reasons and there was thought involved and this wasn't some crazy whim. But right now I am just terrified.

I'll try to update Instagram throughout the ride if you want to follow along (and laugh at my discomfort). Hopefully all goes well and I'll be telling you all about how sore my butt is on Monday.

Let's do this.


Want to learn more about my journey? You can read about how Cap's Krusty's Bicycles got me started here. You can read about what the Ride to Conquer Cancer means to me here.

Friday Faff

What I should be doing: figuring out rain gear for my ride. What I am doing: faffing. Join me?

Taylor Swift. Singing "Smelly Cat." With Phoebe Buffay. Yes.

* * *

Canadians, if you're interested in trying the Diva Cup (trust me, you should try the Diva Cup) has a 20%-off sale on through the 30th. (Not an affiliate link; I just love the Diva Cup and love!)

* * *

I've told you about my love for Fabletics before but I need to tell you about the most wonderful bra I ordered from them last month. The Hudson bralette is amazing. It's comfortable and not restricting at all. It's not meant for high impact workouts but it's perfect for yoga, cycling, weights - workouts without a lot of bouncing. (Real talk: I don't just wear mine when I work out. I also wear it out in real life instead of wearing a proper bra.) Now, I don't have a lot of real estate in the boobage area so definitely take that into consideration before you buy one, but if your chest is on the smaller side, and you like comfortable non-bra bras, this is the bra for you. And if you order using my link, I'll get $10 to spend on workout gear (and I will love you forever).


Project: Hillary the Cyclist - August

This time next week I will (hopefully) be finished my Ride to Conquer Cancer. To say that I am overwhelmed and excited and terrified would be an understatement.

I think I'm ready? I say that with a question mark because I really have no idea. This is the first big bicycle ride I've ever trained for and my training definitely went off-course earlier this year. I've spent the summer getting ready, though, and even though I didn't devote every waking moment to my ride, I've put in what I could and I'm happy. With the help of my amazing family and friends and coworkers and blog readers, I raised over $3,000 for cancer research. I've gone on some great rides and become very familiar with my bike (I shift gears like a mothercussin' PRO now. You don't even know.)

Next weekend's ride will be challenging (I still hate riding in traffic) but I'm ready. A big part of why I wanted to do this ride was to finally feel strong and capable again. I know this ride is going to kick my ass but it's already made me feel stronger. Stronger and petrified. 


Want to learn more about my journey? You can read about how Cap's Krusty's Bicycles got me started here. You can read about what the Ride to Conquer Cancer means to me here.

Project: Hillary the Cyclist - July

I signed up for the Ride to Conquer Cancer last summer. I managed to log a few kilometers last autumn when we had an unseasonably dry September / October and then I hung up my bike for the rainy season.

I did not do any physical training for my ride in November or December. I fundraised my butt off but I did not physical train.

And then January hit. January was a surprise pregnancy and the news that the pregnancy wasn't viable. February was two surgeries to resolve the unviable pregnancy. March and April were recovery. I didn't get back on my bike until May. (I did work out during this time, and I definitely built up some muscle and endurance. I just didn't log any saddle time.)

My plan was to ride all spring, to log kilometers in the saddle to make sure my body was used to spending hours on a bike and my mind was used to riding in traffic. I was really down on myself for not pushing myself to be ready sooner than May but the fact of the matter is I wasn't ready. Physically or emotionally.

The good news is that I'm back on my bike and I'm loving it. I've managed to log a few good long rides and my comfort level is building. I have a lot of work to do between now and August 29th but I'm surrounded by supportive, motivating people who have boosted my confidence and told me repeatedly that I can do it. I can ride 200+km over two days (please picture my steely gaze as you read this).

Want to learn more about my journey? You can read about how Cap's Krusty's Bicycles got me started here. You can read about what the Ride to Conquer Cancer means to me here.