Blown Away

Last night I got a Netflix notification that a show called Blown Away had been released and I kind of rolled my eyes and thought “okay, Netflix, your algorithm seems to be a bit off but I’ll give it a go” and all of a sudden I’m six episodes deep in a reality tv show about professional glass blowing. Someone please remind me about this when I complain about not having enough time to fold laundry or exercise. I would have time if I wasn’t so deeply invested in Deborah’s interpretations of the design briefs. It is what it is.


I was talking about meditation with a friend and I admitted one of my deep, dark secrets which is that I downloaded a meditation app over a year ago and set it up to remind me nightly and I’ve yet to actually use it. 

When I set it up, it asked me what time to send the notification and I chose 9:30 at night. My reasoning was that by 9:30 the kids are asleep and I’m in wind down mode, but the first night I got my reminder, Poppy was refusing sleep and I was in full toddler rage management. When the reminder popped up on my phone I rolled my eyes and that was that. Every night since, at 9:30, my phone encourages me to meditate and I tell it to shut up. 

The really dumb thing is, I told my friend, is I actually do want to meditate. 

“So why don’t you change the time the app sends you the notification?” she asked.  

And I was speechless because the thought had literally never crossed my mind. What I’m doing clearly isn’t working so why not just pivot? It seems so simple and obvious but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t immediately come up with a handful of reasons why I should stick with 9:30 even though I have over a year’s worth of proof that 9:30 is not my prime meditation time. What can I say, change is hard. 

So now I have to come up with a good time to meditate. Mornings are bonkers, and I’m not super into the idea of waking up earlier specifically to meditate (but I’ll consider it if you have a compelling argument for me), but meditating in the afternoon feels weird to me for some reason. Do you meditate? Do you have a set time, or do you go with the flow and meditate whenever it fits into your day? 

Tiny Happy Tuesday 2019:2

1. I came home from a very long day, sighed, and said, “I’m exhausted.” 

“I’m with ya, sister!” Grady replied.  

2. My parents came over on the weekend and brought Poppy’s Christmas present - a shopping cart - with them. My dad had to assemble it so Poppy brought over her toy tool kit to assist and then when she realized the complexity of the project she handed him a play $5 and said, “here’s a hundred dollars. Fix it.”

3. Shawn washed and detailed my car on the weekend and there’s something so luxurious about driving a perfectly spotless car (especially when you have kids).  

4. We saw the sun today. We might see the sun tomorrow.  

5. I asked to be referred to a different ophthalmologist than the doctor who did my eyelid surgery in 2017 and my optometrist listened to me and referred me to a new doctor without any fuss. 


What’s making you happy this week?

Tiny Happy Tuesday 2019:1

A small list of very good things. 

1. We’re getting back into the swing of things after an extended holiday break. I forgot how sweet it is to come home after a long day of work when Shawn’s picked Poppy up from daycare. She hears me open the garage and runs to the baby gate at the top of the stairs. I feel like a ding dang rockstar when she screams with joy when I appear at the bottom of the stairs.  

2. Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix. I wasn’t a huge fan of her book when I read it a few years ago. I didn’t really understand her methods and parts of the book seemed smarmy. Watching the show and seeing Marie interact with the people she’s helping is making me actually get excited about de-cluttering the house. I’m utterly charmed by her.  

3. I did a whole lot of meal prep on Sunday and it means I managed to pull together homemade, nutritious, satisfying dinners on Monday and Tuesday, our two busiest nights of the week. It feels like a major win. 

What’s making you happy this week?