Review: Vonbon Triangle Leggings

Vonbon is a Vancouver-based purveyor of stylish, eco-friendly, organic cotton goods for babies and small kids. 

Grady and I were recently given the opportunity to review a pair of leggings. Vonbon generously supplied a complimentary pair of leggings in Grady's size but I am not obligated to post any opinion or statement that is not my own. 

Right! So right off the bat, my first impression of Vonbon was positive. The packaging Grady's leggings arrived in was absolutely adorable (I'm a sucker for cute packaging.) 

Vonbon doesn't separate into boys' and girls' sections; everything on the site is unisex. Grady received the Triangle Leggings. I ordered the 3T for Grady and lengthwise, the fit is perfect. I love companies that make ordering easy. Grady is three years old so I ordered the 3T. THIS MAKES SENSE TO ME. Grady is still wearing a sweater from another kidswear company in size 18-24 months. THIS DOES NOT MAKE SENSE TO ME. Sorry. I get yelly when I get confused. 

I will say that there isn't a lot of diaper room so we do end up scooching the leggings up in the back a lot. This may just be because he's a three-year old still in diapers, though, because the leggings fit perfectly without a diaper. I feel like 3T is the size where clothes companies start to phase out the diaper room so I'm not faulting Vonbon for this at all, just saying that if you have a stubbornly-attached-to-diapers kid like I do, you might want to take it into consideration. 

Grady absolutely loves his leggings. He calls them his "vikings" (I have no idea why) and says they make him "run faster." Toddler logic. I love it. 

I love that the cotton is thick and holds up to his strenuous toddler play. I've washed them a few times now and the cotton is getting softer and even more comfortable. So comfortable, one might be unable to stop himself from breaking into the robot dance during his photo shoot.