New Year's Resolution Mojito

This juice is bright and zippy and full of nutrients so you can feel smug about keeping your New Year's resolutions (even if you chase this juice with a plate overflowing with pancakes and bacon.) (Not that that actually happens in my kitchen.) (Ha.) 


Leafy greens are nutritional powerhouses (they count iron, calcium, and Vitamin K among their many minerals, vitamins, and phytonutrients.) The cucumber adds freshness and keeps the greens from tasting too grassy. Apple adds a nice sweetness to balance out the lime. And fresh mint just makes me happy. 


2 cups spinach
2 - 4 stalks kale (I used black but any kale will do)
2 apples (I used a Granny Smith and a Braeburn for sweetness)
2 large limes
4 - 6 inches cucumber (skin on!)
handful of fresh mint


Run ingredients through your juicer (I do kale, spinach, mint, lime, cucumber, apple.) Serve over lots of ice. Makes enough for two large juices or two large-ish juices plus one toddler-sized juice.