Hands-on Cook-off Contest by Better Together BC

The Hands-on Cook-off Contest is back! Between now and May 16, 2018, any BC resident can submit their video to enter to win some amazing prizes (like $1,000 cash, thankyouverymuch). 

Videos can be submitted in either of two categories:

  • To enter in the Multigenerational category, at least two generations must be involved in the making of the recipe.
  • To enter in the Youth category, at least two youth aged 18 and under must participate in the making of the recipe.

Cooking with my kids is not stress-free, and sometimes it is not even a little bit enjoyable for anyone participating in the cooking or existing in the general vicinity of the cooking. But it's important. I want my kids to grow up with a healthy relationship to food. I want them to appreciate the care and effort that goes into preparing food. I want them to be familiar with different ingredients and different cooking techniques. I want them to feel comfortable and confident in the kitchen.  

My parents never discouraged me from experimenting in the kitchen, even when it resulted in offerings such as a solitary black olive floating in a (white porcelain) bowl of water. They made me feel like I'd created a new and exciting dessert when really what I'd presented them with was a faux turd. My parents gave me the freedom to play with different flavours and made the kitchen a fun place to spend time. It's something that's stuck with me and it's something I want to give to my kids.

If you're a BC resident and you've got a budding chef, head over to Better Together BC to enter the contest, but also to check out the great resources and recipes. Good luck!

{image: bettertogetherbc.ca} 

{image: bettertogetherbc.ca} 

Meal Plan 03/20/2017 - 03/24/2017

Grady's first spring break has been a mix of wonderful and annoying. Wonderful because we're not beholden to the school drop-off and pickup schedule. Annoying because it's a break in routine (which kids LOVE *eye roll*) and we all have colds and Poppy has reached peak honey badger with her latest Wonder Week combined with teething woes.

I'm attempting to get Grady more involved with meal prep this week because he's interested in cooking. It hasn't translated into him being more interested in eating new foods but we'll get there. One day. (I say breezily while I grit my teeth and clean up the latest kitchen tornado that is cooking with Grady.

Monday: Tomato Chickpea "No Bits" Sauce over spaghetti noodles for Grady, Tomato Chickpea Sauce over roasted veggies for the grownups. Grady will chop the veggies for the sauce and help me make garlic bread.

Tuesday: Beef Barley Soup served with green salad. There's no way Grady will touch this meal either prep-wise (he's seriously squicked out by meat and he has shown no interest in using the stove) or eating so he'll have Kid Dinner (cheese slices, cucumber, carrots, strawberries, and plain noodles).

Wednesday: BBQ, Avocado, Bacon, and Cheddar Chicken served with green salad. Grady will help stack the ingredients after the chicken is cooked.

Thursday: Grilled flank steak tacos served with fresh guacamole and salsa. Grady will make the guacamole.

Friday: Leftovers? Pizza? Cereal? Don't know, don't care.

What's on your meal plan this week?