Happy Baby Cheeks Diaper Service - Giveaway!

I wanted to use cloth diapers with Grady because the environmental impact of disposables is massive. Approximately 20 billion disposable diapers are dumped in landfills every year and they take about 500 years to decompose. Cloth diapers felt like the responsible choice and I felt guilty when we ultimately decided that cloth diapers wouldn't work for our family and we went with disposables.

We had a small, unreliable, HE, front-loader washing machine. The research I did indicated we would need to make adjustments to the machine to be able to adequately wash cloth diapers. Not only that, we'd have to add a soaking wet towel to our machine with the diapers to trick the sensors into thinking we had more laundry in the load than we actually did (cloth diapers need to soak, HE washing machines use less water). Not knowing if tinkering with our machine would actually result in us being able to clean cloth diapers and not being able to check without actually investing in a stash of cloth diapers were deal-breakers for us and we chose to diaper Grady in disposables.

I don't regret choosing disposables because it was the right choice for our family at that time but I wish I'd known about Happy Baby Cheeks when I was making the decision. Happy Baby Cheeks provides a weekly cloth diaper service. Once per week they deliver your order of fresh diapers and pick up your previous week's dirty diapers. You get the convenience of disposable diapers and the benefits of cloth diapers without dealing with the hassle of washing and disinfecting, or the initial start up cost of purchasing a stash of cloth diapers. I can confidently say that if we have another baby, we'll be signing up for Happy Baby Cheeks weekly diaper service.


Happy Baby Cheeks is generously offering one of my local readers a free regular starter pack and two weeks of diaper service and cover rentals. Use the Rafflecopter form below to enter and please feel free to ask any questions you have about the cloth diaper service here or reach out to Happy Baby Cheeks on Facebook or Twitter.