Spring Cleaning with Pine-Sol Spring Blossom

It's snowing again today. We've had the snowiest winter in recent history. We are cold and we are weary. Spring feels like a foreign concept.

Pine-Sol sent me a bottle of their new Spring Blossom Multi-Surface Cleaner to try and the dreary skies and frigid temps made me reach for it this morning. Spring may be a long way off but that doesn't mean I can't start my spring cleaning.


I'm not a big fan of strong fragrances. Really strong or complex smells give me a headache. I was worried that Pine-Sol Spring Blossom might be too much for me because it's a blend of Jasmine, Magnolia, and Orange Blossom scents but I was pleasantly surprised. The smell is fresh, light, and not overwhelmingly floral. In a perfect world I could find cleaners that are effective and fragrance-free but until that day, I'm happy to use Pine-Sol Spring Blossom. It cleans well and I like that I can use it on a variety of surfaces so I don't need to buy multiple cleaners for different rooms.


Have you started spring cleaning? Or are you staring out the window at snowflakes, dreaming of a tropical holiday?