Christmas Spending Money Pot - Winner!

Alright, peeps, here is a list of everyone I received $2 from to participate in the Christmas Spending Money Pot portion of the Holiday Card Swap:

Alice, Tara, Alex, Lara, Meghan, Susan, Andrea, Emily B., Stephanie, Wendryn, Amber, Holly, Emily W., Michelle, Sara, Kara, Sylvie, Brandy, Marianne, Brittany, Carla, Charlotte, LovinLittleMissMama.

If you don't see your name but you sent money, please email me and we'll try to figure out where your $2 ended up. It's too late to participate in the money pot but we can figure out where you $2 went and get it refunded to you. 

So! Now! The fun part! I assigned everyone a number based on when they signed up and then entered those numbers into to get the winner. And the winner is ... Marianne! Congratulations and happy Friday the 13th, lady!

Thanks to everyone for participating (in the card swap and the money pot!) I had a lot of fun organizing it. I hope you all enjoy your cards and maybe find some new friends in the process.

Holiday Card Exchange

I love sending and receiving cards - handwritten, tangible, line-them-up-on-the-mantel cards. Sometimes I feel like I'm doing all my connecting through the computer - liking this or following that - without actually taking the time to get to know the person behind the profile pic. 

I want to slow down a bit this holiday season. I want to write love notes to my favourite people. I want to send cheesy family updates and adorable photos of Grady rocking his Santa hat. I want to connect. And I want YOU to help. 

I'm hosting a holiday card exchange and I hope you'll play along. Just fill out my form and I will match you up with someone to exchange holiday cards with (I'll do my best to match you with someone not local to you. Long distance mail is more fun!) I won't sell your information or anything creepy or dishonest like that. Fair warning: I might use it to send you a birthday card or a random note one day. 

And just to make it even more fun, if you want to participate, there's a totally optional $2 buy-in. Send $2 to my paypal account at and you'll be entered to win the Christmas Spending Money Pot. Everyone who sends me $2 (and participates in the holiday card exchange too, of course) will be eligible to win. I will draw one name on lucky Friday December the 13th and that person will win ALL of the money that is sent to me. I'll post a list of participants (first names only) to keep things on the up-and-up.

I'll leave the form open to sign up until December 1st and let's all aim to get our cards in the mail by December 13th. Sound fun? I think so!