I tried.

Spoiler alert: I did not write every day in June. I did not even complete a full week. I fully intended to and then last night I fell asleep sometime during hour three of Poppy’s endless bedtime shenanigans and now here I am. Starting over on June 7th. 

I’m refusing to consider this a failure, though. One of my first thoughts when I woke up this morning was “I have to blog!” and I haven’t felt that way in a long time. It didn’t feel like an obligation, it felt like a spark. I’m stretching my writing muscles and it feels good.  

Stay tuned for more riveting content where I commit to something, mess it up, and then refuse to feel any shame. I’m going back to my personal blogging roots of a decade ago and it feels good. 

And so it goes

Last month, I participated in the Workout to Conquer Cancer supporting the BC Cancer Foundation. I committed to moving my body every day in May. And I did it. 

Some days were better than others. On those days I would strap myself into the rowing machine and work hard for thirty minutes. I’d finish, sweaty and out of breath, and walk away on jelly legs feeling like a badass. 

And then there were the days when all I could manage was fifteen minutes of light yoga, or a leisurely walk around the park with the dog. Those days didn’t feel like a win in the moment, but looking back on the month I can see: those days were important days. Those were the days that I kept going, even when I was tired. Those were the days I listened to my body and didn’t force a workout. Those were the days I met myself where I was, instead of trying to make myself something I wasn’t. 

Last week when the opportunity to join a June writing challenge came up, I jumped at the chance to participate. I’m committing to blog every day in June. This is a big deal to me. I haven’t blogged regularly in a really long time and I miss it. I want to stretch my writing muscles and see if I can get back into the habit of maintaining this space I once loved. I’m putting it out here for accountability. I will see you tomorrow. 

Hands-on Cook-off Contest by Better Together BC

The Hands-on Cook-off Contest is back! Between now and May 16, 2018, any BC resident can submit their video to enter to win some amazing prizes (like $1,000 cash, thankyouverymuch). 

Videos can be submitted in either of two categories:

  • To enter in the Multigenerational category, at least two generations must be involved in the making of the recipe.
  • To enter in the Youth category, at least two youth aged 18 and under must participate in the making of the recipe.

Cooking with my kids is not stress-free, and sometimes it is not even a little bit enjoyable for anyone participating in the cooking or existing in the general vicinity of the cooking. But it's important. I want my kids to grow up with a healthy relationship to food. I want them to appreciate the care and effort that goes into preparing food. I want them to be familiar with different ingredients and different cooking techniques. I want them to feel comfortable and confident in the kitchen.  

My parents never discouraged me from experimenting in the kitchen, even when it resulted in offerings such as a solitary black olive floating in a (white porcelain) bowl of water. They made me feel like I'd created a new and exciting dessert when really what I'd presented them with was a faux turd. My parents gave me the freedom to play with different flavours and made the kitchen a fun place to spend time. It's something that's stuck with me and it's something I want to give to my kids.

If you're a BC resident and you've got a budding chef, head over to Better Together BC to enter the contest, but also to check out the great resources and recipes. Good luck!

{image: bettertogetherbc.ca} 

{image: bettertogetherbc.ca} 

How to Seamlessly Switch Between Multiple Instagram Accounts

One of the main annoyances I had with Instagram was the inability to switch between multiple accounts the way I could with Twitter. I have my own Instagram account but I also maintain one for someone else. Whenever I wanted to switch between accounts I had to completely log out of mine and then enter the full username and password of the other. It was the very definition of a first world problem but still annoying.

Until now.

I had heard rumblings of Instagram rolling out a new feature that allowed seamless switching within accounts but heard it was being tested on Android so as an iPhone user I would have a bit of a wait. Annoying but doable.

Yesterday came the news that with the latest Instagram update (7.15 for iOS), both Apple and Android users would be given this long-awaited feature.

Cue my happy dance.

Except when I followed the instructions, I didn't have the option to add an account. I thought I was going crazy until someone who had the feature took a screenshot of their phone to show me where the option should be. I wasn't going crazy, I just didn't have the feature yet. Cue hand-wringing and Facebook moaning.

It turns out my angst was unnecessary (as it so often is) and just a few hours later, the option was added to my account. I've added additional accounts to my account and now I can seamlessly switch between them without logging off and entering the new account information every time.

Happy Days!

No option to Add Account. Sad Face.

No option to Add Account. Sad Face.

Add Account magically appears! And all is well with the world.

Add Account magically appears! And all is well with the world.