Stuff I Love

I'm loving hard on a few things lately so I figured I'd share the love instead of keeping these gems to myself. This post contains affiliate links like a boss.

Let the Elephants Run by David Usher

Okay, so I'll admit that I'm biased. I am a huge David Usher fan. I own all of his music. I go to his live shows whenever he's in town. He's had the number one spot on my laminated list for as many years as I've had a laminated list. David Usher is so totally my boyfriend.

I was bound to love his book is what I'm saying. But I don't just love Let the Elephants Run, I like it too. It makes creativity feel accessible. I enjoyed his ideas for incorporating creativity into daily life and it made me excited to try. I also loved his personal anecdotes on the creative process he follows (because they're inspiring, not because I'm a crazy stalker lady.)

If you are a creative person or if you're trying to get back to being a creative person or if you're raising a creative person, I highly recommend you check out Let the Elephants Run by David Usher.

Night Time Tea by Pukka

I've been curling up with a mug of this tea every night for the last week. I wouldn't say that it's helping me sleep better (there is no sleep) but it is providing a nice, soothing nighttime ritual. I'm a huge fan of lavender tea and this blend is rounded out nicely with oat flower, limeflower, and valerian. I don't know what those are but they taste great.

Chaos and the Calm by James Bay

You guys. Try to imagine the musical baby of Dan Mangan, Ed Sheeran, Passenger, and a less-smarmy James Blunt. Then imagine he looks like a baby Jack White and you've got James Bay. I can't stop listening to Chaos and the Calm. The whole album is fantastic but standout tracks for me include "When We Were on Fire," "Scars," "Move Together," "Need the Sun to Break," and "Incomplete." I honestly cannot pare my favourites down more than that. Raspy, growly, feeling-y, guitar-y boys have my heart. I can't fight it.

Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious Reactivating Mist

I've got to be honest, I don't love the scent of this spray but I do love that it's light and gives my day-two curls a bit of bounce and volume (plus the smell dissipates quickly so I can deal with it.)

Hampton Links Reversible Duvet by Jill Rosenwald

I love my new bedding so much! I was worried I'd feel a bit smothered by the dark blue but it's actually really soothing and lovely. I think the navy blue looks really elegant against the dark wood of our bedframe and white accents in the bedroom.

What do you currently love? Share with the class!

Bedroom Redo - Update x 2

You know what we haven't done in forever? Talked about my bedroom! Here's an update to my update for all of you sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to see what I'd do next. (Where is the sarcasm font when you need it?)


This is our current bedroom. It's not exciting but it's soothing and comfortable. I feel nostalgic about the Ikea print hanging over the bed so that's going to stay most likely. We're probably going to get rid of the lamps and install some sort of reading light on the wall on either side of the bed.


We don't have blinds or curtains on any of our windows and we've been in this house for ten months. We are ridiculous.

We had our bed under the window when we first moved in but then Grady started climbing up into the window frame to jump onto the bed and the potential for falling out the window was too great.

Shawn's dresser is usually piled high with clean laundry in various stages of being folded and put away.


The top of my dresser is always packed with books and pictures. We wanted to put our bed against this wall but couldn't because of the furnace air vent thingy (technical term.) The door leads into the hallway.


Our bed faces the bathroom (on the left) and the closet (on the right.) The far right door leads out into the hallway.

We don't love the current setup of our bedroom but we don't have any other choice as far as bed placement goes (until Grady grows up a little and stops climbing into dangerous spots.) We'd love to get rid of one dresser because they feel kind of cramped and stuffed into the only available space in the room but we both use them too much. The closet doesn't have a very efficient layout so the long term plan is to install a ridiculously functional closet and get rid of the dressers but for now we're stuck with them.


This is our bedroom with the new bed linens I bought and then kept in the bag for five days while I debated returning them.

As far as bedroom updates go, changing the bed linens is one of the cheapest and easiest changes to make. I wasn't sure if I'd love the new duvet cover because I couldn't get matching pillowcases but once I got everything on the bed I was sold. I love how much depth the navy blue adds to the room. I love that Shawn and I both like this duvet cover and no one is compromising. I love my silly Union Jack pillow. I love that we don't have 18 pillows and shams and faff (I have nothing against faff. It's just not for me.)

Our simple bed linens update (that required three blog posts because I am crazy) has made me so excited for the next stage: painting the walls! (I am a weirdo who actually loves painting. I am gleeful with anticipation.)

Bedroom Redo - Update

Thanks for your comments and opinions on my bedroom linen dilemma. You've talked me out of Ikea linens (Shawn is totally giving you the side eye right now.) I should clarify that our bed is a food-free zone but Grady is three. He often has something sticky smeared on his face or on his hands and the way the universe works for me lately is that if Grady touches ONE place with his ketchup fingers, that place will be my brand new white linens.

So! I hit Bed Bath & Beyond on the weekend and came home with this duvet cover. It's reversible and we will have the navy side out so hopefully the white side stays pristine for that glorious day when I can have nice things that stay nice.

I am having a bit of a fancy person crisis now. In that I am not a fancy person. I just bought the duvet cover. Not the bed skirt or the decorative pillows. I don't like a lot of faff on the bed. Currently we have four king-sized pillows. Two have pillowcases that match our duvet cover. Two have pillowcases that match our sheets. It's not pretty but it works.

The new duvet cover didn't come with matching pillowcases or the option to buy matching king-sized pillow cases (just standard shams and Euro shams.)

I want the bed to look nice and a little fancy but function is definitely my top priority. What would you do in my situation? I bought two plain red king-sized pillow cases and our sheets are either plain white or plain taupe. I also bought one decorative pillow because it's a velvet Union Jack and there was no way I was leaving the store without it.

I don't have any pictures of my bedroom with the new linens because they're still sitting in the bag. I love the duvet colour. Navy blue is one of my favourite colours. Shawn and I both love it (which is unlikely to happen again based on our individual tastes and what's available.) But I don't know if I can get over this pillowcase thing. Will the bed look stupid with four plain pillowcases in two different colours? Is one bit of faff stupider than no faff (don't answer. I'm not giving up my Union Jack pillow.) And is the whole thing a little too "hey, sailor!" for us to pull off? Tell me the truth, I can take it.

Bedroom Redo

We have put off buying a new duvet cover and pillow cases for years because Grady is a mess and our old bedding hid stains really well. We've reached the point of wear and tear that is no longer fixable though, so new bedding ahoy!

Our bedroom is currently Builder Beige but we're planning to paint it a deep, rich taupe-y colour in the near future. Our current bedding is a dusty blue / grey floral print. I like soothing colours and jewel tones. I dislike bright yellow and oranges.

Which bedding would you choose?

Top row from left to right: west elm, Hayneedle, west elm, Hayneedle 
Bottom row from left to right: Hayneedle, Ikea, Ikea, Ikea

My favourite is the west elm Stained Glass Floral (top row, third from left) but I'm nervous about all the white space (I fear ketchup fingers.)

I don't love love any of the Ikea choices but the price and convenience are attractive. I live fifteen minutes away from Ikea. My top three picks from Ikea are different prices but the most expensive would still be <$60 for a king-sized duvet cover and two king-sized shams. (Versus $150USD + the inconvenience of shipping to my sister's USA postal box and waiting for her to pick it up for the west elm Stained Glass Floral set.)

Maybe we're still in the "buy Ikea and upgrade later" stage of life. Then again, bedding is something you use and look at every day so maybe it's worth the extra cash to end up with something you really love and enjoy. I would just feel terrible is we spent a couple hundred dollars on new bedding only to have Grady spill juice on it (not an unlikely scenario.)

Where do you buy bedding? Please tell me there's a hidden gem I don't know about. Cheap bedding that looks and feels fabulous - is that too much to ask?