ROAM 2015 - I Could Do That

I am a blogger who reads other blogs. I am active on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram. I see bloggers interacting with brands every day. Sometimes I see a blogger and brand interacting in such a way that I think "I could do that!" and sometimes I see something that makes me think "I do not want to do that."

Blogging is my hobby. Writing is therapy for me. I enjoy the connections I've made through blogging. I've formed years-long friendships with people I've never met face to face. I've gone on to meet friends in person whom I've conversed with online for years. Hillary with two Ls has given me so much. But I'd be lying if I said I was 100% satisfied with my blog.

I would love to be one of those bloggers who interacts with brands in an organic way. Not smarmy or disingenuous, just someone who uses products and then occasionally discusses them in her own voice and gets paid to do it. I thought maybe it was hopeless, that there were a few people who knew the right people and everyone else was relegated to the depths of "do it for the exposure and the love of blogging!" hell. And then I heard about ROAM.

From ROAM's description:

"Social Media is moving at the speed of light and we are at the forefront of the conversation. If this is your business, or you want it to be, then let’s take it to the next level.

"From business planning to insider info on social engagement, and transparent conversations about what people are REALLY doing in this industry, we’ve got you covered throughout this conference.

"Connect with brands & businesses who are looking for your services and chat with industry experts, having a chance to ask all the questions that have been burning in your mind. Together, lets figure out the next steps in your success."

Yes. Please.

I'm not saying I want to turn my blog into one giant sponsored post but I do want the opportunity to interact with brands and businesses who recognize the value of a sincere voice.

Sessions like Rules of Engagement for Influencers and Exploring Social Sharing for Showing and Telling are why I'm heading to ROAM and why I think you should join me (follow this link and use code ROAMer for 20% off your ticket!).

ROAM 2015 - Inbox Zero

I'm headed to ROAM at the end of the month (won't you join me?) and I can't decide which event excites me most. (That's a lie. I'm most excited for the Prohibition Party because I'm 99% sure that "Prohibition" is just a fancy way of saying "we have gin.") If I had to choose one not-to-be-missed non-gin event, I'd choose Inbox Zero. I can't quite wrap my mind around the thought of being caught up on email. The concept is too foreign. Email is like laundry - never-ending and impossible to get ahead of. I would love to feel like I was managing my inbox, rather than constantly feeling stressed out about it.


Truth time: what is the current state of your inbox? You'll get no judging from me. Those who live in glass houses and whatnot.

ROAM 2015

BlissDom Canada has always been on my wish list of conferences to attend but cross-country travel hasn’t been high on my list of priorities in the last few years (to put it mildly). I was so excited to learn that the producers of BlissDom are bringing ROAM, a revolutionary conference event, to British Columbia. ROAM will take place May 31 – June 2 in Kelowna.

ROAM Event

What interests me most about ROAM is the participation factor. The goal isn’t to have a lineup of experts talk at an audience; ROAM attendees will be immersed in social modules to learn hands-on social media tips and tricks to expand their blog and/or business. It’s a different and exciting approach to the traditional conference.  Personally, I don’t learn as well from reading or listening as I do from actually doing so the active learning aspect is a huge draw for me.

Will you join me in the beautiful Kelowna sunshine? Use this link and discount code ROAMer for 20% off your ticket (early bird pricing ends May 15th so get on it!)