Brain Fog

I'm not a doctor or the least bit science-y so I can't speak to the facts of general anesthesia but I can speak to my own experience which is this: general anesthesia is hard on the brain. This was the sixth time I've been put under in the last five years and while the general anesthesia during the surgery and immediately afterwards was the smoothest experience I've had so far, the post-surgery recovery has been tough. My attention span is laughable. My energy is low, my thinking is muddled and slow, and it takes herculean effort to form a complete thought. 

It's one thing to tell you my brain feels foggy but I think I can best describe it by telling you what I did a few nights after my surgery. Before I tell you my shame, though, it's important you know a couple things. One: Poppy is not my first child. Two: Poppy is not an infant. 

Ready? Okay!

It's a few nights after my surgery. I am struggling to function in the critical thinking department. I am existing in a fog. Shawn and I realize Poppy has a bit of a fever but she's acting normally so we go about our day. Fast forward to 3 o'clock in the morning and Poppy is burning up. She's fast asleep but breathing loudly and quickly enough to wake both me and Shawn up.

We have an ear thermometer but it gives different readings literally seconds apart. Every time I use it I decide we need to buy a new thermometer and then I forget about it again until we go to use it the next time someone has a fever. (NOTE TO SELF: buy a new thermometer.) So I do the ear thermometer thing on Poppy and get a reading of 104.6F. 

I decide to call the nurses line. We go through a series of questions and I begin to feel more and more stupid for calling about my peacefully sleeping baby who has a bit of a fever (see above: not my first baby! Not an infant!) And then the nurse asks me if Poppy is lethargic. It is now 3:30 a.m. and Poppy is fast asleep (and has been asleep since about 7:30 p.m.)

Y'all, I woke up the sleeping baby at 3:30 a.m. to see if she was lethargic. (Spoiler alert: after I woke her up she was NOT SO MUCH LETHARGIC as she was pissed right off.) 

Anyway, Poppy is fine, she's just got a nasty cold, and I will be fine once my brain starts firing normally (hopefully sometime soon). 

PS: I wrote about the less hilarious aspect of my surgery over on go check it out and give some love to the other VM Voices.

I Should Not Be Allowed to Touch Computers

You guys, I am so frustrated. I cannot figure out Squarespace. I wanted to move away from Blogger because I felt like I couldn't interact (I would try to reply to a comment and get the "noreply@blogger" business) but Squarespace is proving to be just as frustrating / complicated. Or ... maybe I am just really dumb. Either is a viable possibility.  

I just tried to email the winners for my giveaway but I cannot figure out how to get their email addresses. You have to enter an email address to leave a comment. I should be able to access that email address, shouldn't I? I have the option of responding to comments on my blog but I don't know if that means the comment just goes up on my blog or if it's emailed to the original commenter  (spellcheck is telling me that commenter isn't a word but I am tired and feisty so it stays.) Does anyone know what I'm talking about / how to fix it? I have zero energy to figure this out on my own. 

So I tracked down my winners using alternate methods. Christina, Jessica, and Kara - check your Twitter DMs, Facebook, and email respectively. Thanks!