Read. Watch. Listen.

Today was a full day and my brain is struggling to make the words go so here’s a short list of things I’m currently loving.  


I just finished Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. Technically speaking I listened to it on audiobook but I’m a rebel who counts that as reading. Listen, I’ve read different arguments for and against calling consuming content via audiobook “reading” and I’ve come to the conclusion that I literally don’t care what others think on this subject. 

So I just finished Big Magic and I loved it. I’d heard good things but it took me a while to check it out because I was never a fan of Eat, Pray, Love. Big Magic made me feel like maybe there’s hope for this tired creative to reclaim some spark. I definitely rolled my eyes a few times but I rolled them in a “oh that’s twee” kind of way, not a “what’s up with this chick?” kind of way. It’s an important distinction. 


I hate movies. I do my best to avoid them. I find movies really hard to sit through because they’re so long and often so violent / dumb / pointless. I hate blood and suspense, which greatly reduces the number of movies available to me. Netflix has been kicking out some pretty great movies lately though. We watched Always Be My Maybe last weekend and I loved it. The soundtrack was killer, the story was light and fluffy with just enough meat to make it satisfying. It was funny and smart and genuine. Plus parts of it were filmed in Vancouver and it’s always fun to spot the local landmarks. 


Lizzo. My god. If you are not listening to Lizzo’s album Cuz I Love You, I don’t know what to tell you. Play it, loud, and just try not to dance. It’s physically impossible. 

What are you currently reading / watching / listening to?