Meal Plan 09/03/2018 - 09/07/2018

Grady's first day of school is tomorrow and weeks ago I figured I wouldn't want to spend the last weekend of summer break meal prepping so I ordered HelloFresh. I am very fond of weeks' ago Hillary. She didn't know it then but this week is absolutely bonkers for Shawn with work stuff and band stuff and two days in San Diego. I'm pretty stoked to not have to worry about food this week is what I'm saying. 


Monday: We barbecued burgers and ate a suboptimal watermelon in a desperate attempt to pretend it's still summer.

Tuesday: Cajun-spiced Chicken Burgers with DIY Dill and Parsley Mayo from HelloFresh. In our experience, whenever the HelloFresh delivery has a bread product in it, it's best to eat that meal first. 

Wednesday: Turkey Burrito Bowl with Avocado Pico de Gallo and Cilantro-lime Rice from HelloFresh. 

Thursday: Delivery pizza for the love of lowered expectations. I will throw a vegetable in the children's general direction. 

Friday: Fusilli al Forno with Beef, Homemade Marinara, and Fresh Ricotta from HelloFresh. 

If you want to jump aboard the "we have to feed these people multiple times a day every damn day SOS" train, you can get $40 off your first box using this link (and I'll get $25 off my next box and love you forever). 

What's on your menu this week?

Meal Plan 04/16/2018 - 04/20/2018

I'm heading back to work tomorrow after being off since my surgery. I'm a little nervous because I'm still struggling with low energy but I'm ready to venture out into the real world again. I knew I would want a little cushion to get back into our regular routine so I scheduled HelloFresh this week. No regrets. 


Monday: Chicken and rice stew from the freezer. It's not exciting food but it's comforting food. And it doesn't require any prep other than throwing in a pot to heat up. I'll serve with roasted broccoli for something green. 

Tuesday: Mustard-and-Herb-Crusted Pork with Roasted Potatoes and Broccolini from HelloFresh

Wednesday: Moroccan-Spiced Chicken Thighs with Freekeh, Butternut Squash, and Lemon Crema from HelloFresh (I've never cooked with freekeh before so I'm really excited to try this recipe.)

Thursday: Roasted Cauliflower Biryani with Carrots and Dried Currants and Crispy Chana Dal from HelloFresh

Friday: Charcuterie Friday 

If you want to join in the HelloFresh magic, use this link for $40 off your first box (full disclosure: if you use my link, I earn $25 off my next box).

What's on your menu this week? Have you cooked with freekeh before? Have I been missing out and is my mind about to be blown?

Meal Plan 03/19/2018 - 03/23/2018

I'm having surgery next week and it's messing with my ability to manage life. I am having difficulty adulting. I just don't wanna. This week is a HelloFresh week is what I'm saying. I don't have to meal plan, I don't have to grocery shop, I don't have to do any prep. All I have to do is open the box and follow the recipe and we'll have nutritious, home-cooked meals. (This post isn't sponsored; I just love HelloFresh. They've recently started offering boxes with four meals instead of three so they are taking almost all of the mental load of food management for me this week. I'm jazzed.) 

If you're interested in trying HelloFresh, use my referral link for $40 off your first box (and I get $25 off my next box and I'll love you forever).


Monday: We get HelloFresh on Tuesdays so I still have to think about Monday. I'm going to go super simple for Meatless Monday and make cheesy scrambled eggs, roasted asparagus, and buttermilk pancakes

Tuesday: HelloFresh Salmon en Papillote with Couscous Pilaf and Snap Peas and Tarragon-Chive Herb Sauce

Wednesday: HelloFresh Sage and Browned Butter Pork Chops with Roasted Broccoli and Citrusy Potato Salad

Thursday: Indonesian Chicken Fried Rice with Crunchy Chili Cashews

Friday: Sumac-Paprika Steak with Tomato Chickpea Mash and Roasted Cauliflower

What's on your meal plan this week?

Exploring my Options with HelloFresh (and having fun in the process!)

The top shelf of my fridge is where condiments go to die. 

That's not an exaggeration. The top shelf of my fridge is completely unusable. It's a bottle and jar graveyard, filled to the brim with discarded mustards and rejected jams. It's shameful. I hold onto things I don't like and won't use because I feel some sort of obligation. We spent money on those things so we're going to keep them, in our fridge, forever. It makes no sense. 

This is one of the (many) reasons I'm enjoying HelloFresh so much. It gives us the opportunity to try different tastes and explore new sauces and condiments without committing to an entire bottle. Last week we had Sesame Soy Steak Bibimbap which included Gochujang, a Korean red chili paste that I don't normally have in my flavour arsenal. Shawn and I both really enjoyed the spicy tang and I can see myself buying it in the future because I already know we both like it. It's a no-risk grocery purchase, destined to be consumed instead of abandoned on the top shelf of disappointment. 


I don't consider myself a picky eater but I definitely fall into a rut of my tried and true meals. HelloFresh forces me to eat a little outside my comfort zone while at the same time giving me the flexibility to choose "safer" meals when I'm feeling less adventurous. It's inspiring me to explore different spices and be open to unfamiliar flavour profiles. HelloFresh adds an element of excitement to mundane weekday cooking and I'm thrilled to have been given the opportunity to give it a try.

If you're interested in trying HelloFresh for yourself, click here for $40 0ff your first box (affiliate link: I will receive $25 off my next box if you sign up using my link).

Read more about my adventures with HelloFresh here:





{Disclosure: I received product in exchange for this review; all opinions stated are my own. Since trying this service on a review basis, I have signed up as a paid customer. I truly enjoy and fully endorse HelloFresh Canada.}