Let's Faff

I haven't faffed in a while. Shall we faff? Let's faff.

(Don't know what faffing is? It's dithering about. I have approximately 92 important things on my to-do list today and instead I'm blogging about pretty much nothing. I'm faffing.)

Today is St. Patrick's Day! Did you know that St. Patrick's Day is a thing now? I blame Pinterest. I mean, I knew it was a thing in my twenties when I drank green beer and danced jigs all night. But I don't remember it being a thing when I was a kid. My mom didn't put green food colouring in the toilet water or leave gold coins or glitter hidden around the house on March 17th and I don't think my friends' parents did either. I don't remember feeling like my family was left out of the St. Patrick's Day celebrations. Apparently now it's a thing and kids expect leprechaun magic and look, I'm all about celebrating imagination but I just don't have it in me this year. This year we all have head colds and it's rainy and miserable. Maybe next year the leprechauns will visit. Am I a St. Patrick's Day Grinch? What are you doing today? I promise I'm not judging you if you're going all out with leprechaun trails and four-leaf clover hunts. You do you.

Speaking of head colds, Grady has had a very low key spring break so far. I had big plans for playdates and adventures but I don't want to invite his buddies over to catch our germs. We've managed a few fun projects (we baked a triple chocolate pie for Pi Day) but the rain is keeping us inside and the colds are keeping us exhausted. The colds and little Miss Poppy No-Sleep.

We did make it to Home Depot yesterday for a fun DIY workshop though (and I definitely earned some Cool Mom points when I let Grady use all the tools). Did you guys know about the Home Depot Kids Workshops? Home Depot hosts free workshops for kids aged 5-12. I imagine the schedule varies from store to store (so you should call ahead) but our local Home Depot is doing one every morning from 10-12 for the entire two weeks of spring break. You just show up and they've got tables and projects set up for building. They supply the materials, tools, and instructions and you just have to supervise your kid and help make the magic happen. Grady used a hammer, screwdriver, and wood glue yesterday like a pro. He got a little apron to wear and a pin for completing his project. He loved it and it kept him occupied and interested for a full hour (no easy feat). Then we brought it home and he spent another hour at home doing the paint job. We're definitely going back to do more building and collect more pins.

How are you keeping your littles occupied during spring break? I need some ideas for next week!


Friday Faff

It's Friday! Let's faff.

First things first. Canadians, have you entered the Manulife #LifeReady Instagram Contest yet? It ends tonight so get on it!

* * *

Canada's new prime minister appointed his cabinet this week and it's 50% female. People are pissed. (Because apparently some people don't think it's possible for Canada to have 15! whole! female politicians who earned their spots based on merit.) Elizabeth May (leader of Canada's Green Party) wrote this piece on why gender parity is important and not only does she reference Parks and Recreation, she quotes an article that made me literally laugh out loud. I didn't think I could love Elizabeth May more than I already did but I was wrong.

* * *

My friend Caitlin creates an epic holiday gift guide every year and this year she has outdone herself. You can find awesome gifts at pretty much any price point. If you're looking for inspiration, I highly recommend you check out her 2015 Holiday Gift Guide. If you're wondering what to give your favourite double-elled blogger, might I suggest items 15, 53, 80, or 139?

* * *

Currently topping my list of "things I said I'd never buy but now can't live without" are Lysol Disinfectant Wipes. I tend to use more natural cleaners. I shy away from anti-bacterial anything. I feel like a bad hippie using something once and then throwing it away. And I hate cleaners that are aggressively fragranced. These wipes make me die a little inside every time I use one is what I'm saying. But! Grady is currently at the stage where sometimes he sit on the toilet, sometimes he stands in front of the toilet, and it doesn't actually matter which he does because the toilet ends up covered in a fine mist of pee every single time. These wipes are saving my sanity.

* * *

I'm leaving this to the end because I've read it a few times and it still makes me tear up. So! If you don't want to feel any feelings today, HAPPY FRIDAY! BYE! SEE YOU NEXT WEEK! If you do want to read something lovely that may touch you in your heart spot and make your feelings leak out your eyes, here you go. Enjoy. I'm sorry.

Friday Faff

Before I get faffy, can I be serious for a minute?

It's October. Pinktober. The month of pinkwashing. We're inundated with products that have been slapped with a pink ribbon and we're made to feel like buying these products is "spreading breast cancer awareness" (like we're not all very aware of breast cancer). The reality is that the pink ribbon symbol isn't regulated. Anyone can put a pink ribbon on anything. And they do. And we buy pink ribbon products because we feel helpless against a brutal disease and it makes us feel like we're doing something useful.

Now, I'm not saying that we shouldn't buy pink ribbon products. People choose to show their support in different ways and if pink ribbon shoelaces or toques or buckets of fried chicken (seriously) is your choice, more power to you. What I'm saying is, if you want to contribute directly to breast cancer research, there are better venues. And if you want to contribute directly to breast cancer patients, there are better options.

Which brings me to my friend Colby. Colby is my age. She's a single mom raising two beautiful babies. She's a full-time nursing student who lives on student loans. Colby was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. In the coming weeks she is facing surgery and from there her doctors will decide her chemo/radiation future. She's also writing her final exams.


I've never seen Colby without a smile on her face. She radiates happiness and kindness. She's stunningly beautiful but not intimidating in the least because her goofy quirks pull you in and make you feel like you're one of the cool kids. She works hard and makes tough choices and doesn't complain. She would never ask for help. So her friends are asking for help on her behalf.

If you've got $5, $10, $100 to spare (hey a girl can dream, right?) will you please consider contributing to Colby's gofundme campaign? Colby needs to focus all her energy on getting well and regaining her strength after treatment. She shouldn't be worried about bill payments or buying groceries to feed her family. Well wishes and healthy vibes are also very welcome.

* * *

Right! Let's faff.

Last weekend I was complaining on Twitter about the cold-that-will-not-die and Gayle from The Soup Solution reached out to offer me some soup. It was totally unexpected and kind, and her soups are so tasty, that I need to gush about it for a minute. Social media can be so noisy and you can get sort of lost in it sometimes, you know? And then someone reaches out and says "hey! I see you!" and reminds you that the community there still exists, you just have to dig through the sponsored posts and ads a little bit. Anyway. If you're local, I totally recommend The Soup Solution. Great soup. Great people. A+.

* * *

Erin Condren is having a huge sale so now is the time to buy your Life Planner if you haven't already. I'm a huge Life Planner fan and don't think I'll ever give up my paper planner. If you use my referral code, I'll earn Erin Condren bucks so *bats eyelashes* please, pretty please use this link to do your Erin Condren shopping and use FRIENDS25 for 25% off your purchase through October 25th.

* * *

My friend Taslim wrote about her definition of success and I keep coming back to it to read it again and again. She's a smart lady and she's definitely got the hamster wheel in my brain spinning this week. How do you define your success?

* * *

We're supposed to have some sun this weekend so I should probably take Grady to the pumpkin patch for some seasonal fun. What are you up to this weekend?