Easter Baskets and Holiday Extravaganzas

We're not a religious family so Easter is very much about the chocolate in our house. Do you do Easter baskets? Egg hunts? Big family dinners? We're still figuring out what works best for our family, especially since Poppy has allergies we need to accommodate. It wasn't as difficult last year when we could swap out the yummy treats in her Easter basket for books and socks. 

It's also becoming difficult to enjoy a little extravagance when every holiday brings with it an influx of stuff. Sometimes it feels like we're drowning in stuff. I'm not pointing any fingers (because let's be real, I'm the worst offender) but it seems like we're in a never-ending cycle of accumulating things and then struggling to find places for them. 

How do you handle holidays? Do you enforce a "consumables, only" rule? Do you ask others to not indulge your kids so you have the opportunity to without feeling like things are getting out of hand? Do you shut up and roll with it because really there aren't that many holidays in the year? 

Put Me in the Story: Personalized Books for Easter

Easter holds different meaning for different people but in our house, it's an opportunity to welcome spring, celebrate family, and enjoy some chocolate. Poor Poppy is too young to participate in the Easter egg hunt / chocolate fest that we've put on for Grady in recent years, but that doesn't mean she'll be left out.

Put Me In The Story to the rescue!

Put Me In The Story takes bestselling books and beloved characters and creates personalized books complete with the child’s name, photo, and a message from the gift giver! Reading becomes more fun and engaging for kids when the book stars them!

Put Me In The Story has lots of options to choose from, appropriate for different religious aspects of Easter (including non-religious options) and age levels. The ordering process was quick and painless. I was easily guided through entering specific information (child's name, personal message, photo, etc.) and in no time flat, I had a perfectly personalized I Love You Honey Bunny on its way to me to put in Poppy's Easter basket.

I was slightly skeptical at how the personalized content would be integrated with the rest of the story but my concerns were unfounded. It all fits together beautifully and doesn't look like someone swapped in different pages for different people; the book truly looks like it was custom-made for our honey bunny.

You can win a personalized Easter book and plush gift for your own honey bunny! Enter here:

{Disclosure: I received product in exchange for this review; all opinions stated are my own.}

Healthy(ish) Easter Treats

My friends JenTairalyn, and I love to cook and bake and we thought it'd be fun to see what happens when we take one recipe and approach it three different ways. I like to play with ingredients and try to find healthy(ish) alternatives to traditional ingredients (but you'll have to pry butter from my cold, dead hands.) Jen is a ninja when it comes to substituting healthy ingredients to truly healthify recipes. And Tairalyn is taking one for the team by making the recipes in their full sugary, buttery glory (she really is a saint.) This month we're feeling seasonal and tackling Rice Krispie Treat Eggs.

Easter Rice Krispie Eggs

I used natural peanut butter instead of regular butter in the treats and while I like the peanut taste, the treats are crunchier and more difficult to chew than regular Rice Krispie treats. And I burned the crap out of my pan so I don't think I'll be doing that again.

I decided to stick to nuts and dried fruits for my toppings. I used milk chocolate as my "glue" and stayed away from food colouring. So no, not the healthiest treats but not the worst ones either. 


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