The Fingerprint Heart - Easy and Beautiful Mother's Day Craft

Listen, pals. There's still time to whip out your DIY hat and win Mother's Day with this beautiful (and easy!) craft. 

Here's what you need*:

  • Blank stretched canvas, square, any size (8 x 8 inch is an excellent size)
  • Acrylic paints in various colours (if you've got a whole pile of kids, maybe give each one their own signature colour)
  • A template (cut a heart out of a piece of paper. Boom! Template.)
  • Some fingers. Kid fingers. Your own fingers. Whatever fingers you think the special lady in your life will want to see on her Mother's Day craft.

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Here's what you do:

Prepare your canvas by taping your template onto the canvas with painter's tape (so you don't damage the edges of your canvas when you take the template off). 

Pour a small amount of one colour of paint onto a palette or plate or paper towel, whatever works for you.

Lightly dab a finger in the paint and then gently tap on the canvas to create fingerprint polka dots. Continue with different fingers and colours, allowing some drying time in between colour changes. Make sure you do some dots along the edge of your template so your heart has a nicely defined shape.

Allow to dry completely. 

Make a legend: write the names of the owners of the fingerprints on the back edge of the canvas and have them do a single fingerprint beside their name in their signature colour. Make sure the paint on the front of your canvas is BONE DRY before you flip it over to do this part.

How to Make a Stranger Things Eleven Costume

Hallowe'en is kind of my thing. I went through a stage in my early twenties of hating Hallowe'en because the sexy nurse / sexy witch / sexy construction worker scene bummed me out and made me feel awkward and excluded. No judgment if you are a sexy nurse / sexy witch / sexy construction worker; it's just not my jam.

Since having kids, Hallowe'en has become even more fun. I love putting together costumes while my babies are still young enough to not have an opinion about their outfit. Grady's first Hallowe'en was a fog of postpartum shenanigans so I dressed him in a skeleton onesie and called it a day. By his second Hallowe'en, I had hit my stride and he was Baby Bob Ross (I am ridiculously proud of this costume). For his third Hallowe'en, he was Baby Elton John (my favourite). And then I lost him to the world of superheroes and he was Iron Man for his fourth and fifth Hallowe'ens. This year he's going to be either Darth Vader or a Stormtrooper.

I know I have limited Hallowe'ens with Poppy before she's able to make her own costume decision so I intend to take full advantage. This year I'm keeping it topical and Poppy is Baby Eleven from Stranger Things.


Don't even think about touching her Eggo Waffles. Baby Eleven isn't messing around.


This costume is pretty basic to put together. The dress and jacket are both Joe Fresh (available online or in-store at Superstore, Canadians). The socks are baby knee-high tube socks in green and yellow by Mustachifier (available online or for locals, I found them at West Coast Kids in Vancouver).


Additional options: the dress I found didn't have the peter pan collar so I cut an old, off-white pillowcase into a sort of collar shape and tucked it into the neckline of the dress. Shawn said the collar wasn't necessary, and you can barely see it in the photos, but I know it's there and that's what counts. Eggo Waffles. A blonde wig (I was pretty sure Pops would burn it all down it I attempted a wig so I didn't go there). Fake blood dribbling from her nose (again, not an option with Poppy).


What are your little ones being for Hallowe'en?