I’ve always been a full-moon kind of gal. My brain works best with a visual aid to process what’s there, and so I’ve felt disconnected and almost indifferent to the new moon.

But lately I’ve felt a pull toward the new moon. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older, or, I don’t know, more weary? But I feel like the darkness has something to offer me. The new moon doesn’t put on a show. There’s no razzle dazzle with her. The new moon is a blank slate, ready to be filled up with whatever I’m feeling, and prepared to meet me wherever I am.

Tonight is the second new moon of July. It’s been an intense week; we’re coming down from the high of Grady’s birthday celebration, and Poppy has been making some big kid changes from toddlerhood to preschooler. I welcomed tonight’s new moon with an open heart is what I’m saying. I lit a candle and tried to fit a short meditation in between kid chaos and checked in with where I’ve come since the last new moon.

Saying goodbye and letting go have never been easy for me but I think my moon practice is helping me see the value in it. I can’t move on and progress if everything stays the same. Checking in with the moon helps me see where I’m going and how far I’ve come.

Do you roll your eyes at woo or are you here for it?


Amazon Prime Day(s) 2019

It’s Prime Day, which is two days this year? Unless it’s always been two days? To be honest, I’ve not paid a lot of attention. I’m not a huge fan of giant sales that make me feel like I need to buy a bunch of stuff, but the truth is, my kids’ birthdays and their five cousins’ birthdays all take place in a two month period. I need to buy a bunch of stuff is what I’m saying.

So! Prime Day. I’m going to highlight a few of the deals I’ve found, and they’re going to be affiliate links (which means that if you make a purchase through my link, I make a couple cents).

Okay, so I was browsing for kid birthday stuff, I promise, and then the 23andMe deal flashed across my screen. I’ve been interested in doing one of the DNA ancestry kits for a long time and 50% off is a very enticing deal. It’s sitting in my cart right now but I’m waiting to pull the trigger. Have you done a 23andMe or similar kit before? I’ve heard some horror stories about family secrets coming to light but I’ve also heard some good stuff about them too. At $129 (CDN, $99 USD!) I can’t not buy it, right? I’ve never seen it priced so low.

We’re not a Harry Potter house (yet) but we are a Lego house. This Hogwarts Great Hall is absolutely stunning and costs $79.99 (down from $129.99) until midnight PST tonight.

Speaking of Lego, the Creative Brick Boxes are on sale for $18.99, down from $26.99. These are a favourite birthday gift to give in our family.

Another favourite birthday gift to give and receive? Craft supplies. Crayola’s giving an extra 15% to Prime members, and I’m stocking up on this block of Construction Paper (400 sheets for just over $11), Sidewalk Chalk (64 pieces for just under $13), and these super cute permanent markers for my bullet journal (24 pens for $16.55).

Crayola also has this amazing mess-free touch-light drawing board for toddlers which is perfect for car rides. If you’ve got a little person and a summer road trip in your future, this thing is your salvation for just over $20.

Lest you think we’re arts and crafts and brain development all the time over here, I’ll admit without shame that Grady’s also getting this Nintendo Switch Controller Charging Station (50% off! I can’t resist) to maximize his video playing time. I also picked up this carrying case (30% off!) so he can stop transporting his Switch in his lunch kit when we travel. It’s got a durable outer shell (in his favourite colour, red) and foam padded insides with compartments to keep all the bits and bobs safe.

I also picked up this portable nightlight / flashlight for the kids in an attempt to cut down on the 3am wake up calls I get whenever someone needs to use the washroom. It cycles through a soothing spectrum of colours and turns into a flashlight when removed from its base. We’re big Boon fans and they have yet to disappoint us.

While I was browsing in the flashlight section, this lantern called out to me. It evoked a deep nostalgic feeling so I feel like maybe my parents had one when we were kids? One of my siblings can weigh in on whether or not I’m full of shit.

And then, because I am a wild and crazy woman, I rounded out my purchases with a bottle of gummy vitamins for the kids.

Did you snag any Prime Day deals?

Blown Away

Last night I got a Netflix notification that a show called Blown Away had been released and I kind of rolled my eyes and thought “okay, Netflix, your algorithm seems to be a bit off but I’ll give it a go” and all of a sudden I’m six episodes deep in a reality tv show about professional glass blowing. Someone please remind me about this when I complain about not having enough time to fold laundry or exercise. I would have time if I wasn’t so deeply invested in Deborah’s interpretations of the design briefs. It is what it is.

Finding David

I had a hard time sleeping last night. I got to the point where I had to stop trying to force it so I turned to Netflix to try to lull my brain into sleepytime. I’ve already watched all of Schitt’s Creek, but rewatching my favourite episodes makes me so happy.

Last night I watched Season 2 Episode 1: Finding David for the mumblemumbleth time and I laughed so hard that I almost woke Shawn up from shaking the bed. The “you’ve got a bug on your dress” sequence gets me every time. I topped it off with the last five minutes or so of Season 4 Episode 9: The Olive Branch (if you know, you know) and I fell asleep with a warm and cozy smile on my face.

It took a while for me to love Schitt’s Creek. I didn’t love any of season 1 but my intense Levy adoration helped me persevere. Having watched the series, I recommend sticking with it through the first season, not skipping through it. The first season is necessary for the development of the characters’ stories. It gets so much better; trust me.

Are you a Schitt’s fan? What’s your favourite episode? Better yet, what’s your favourite Moira line?