It’s raining tonight. It’s raining tonight and it’s been raining basically nonstop for two days and there’s a full moon. Conditions are ripe for a little rebirth is what I’m saying.

A couple days ago a friend texted to see how my day was going and I replied, “I feel like I’m losing my grip.” I didn’t specify on what. Reality, sanity, take your pick. It’s been a weird month, an odd season, a wonky year. I’m discombobulated and have been for a while.

But there’s not a lot I love more than a little moon magic, and a good rainstorm can always shake my mood loose.

2019 will go down in the books as not my favourite year, but I’m not writing it off completely just yet. There’s more than a quarter of the year remaining, and it’s a good quarter indeed. I’ve got pumpkin pie season, my birthday and Thanksgiving, spooky season, 50%-off candy season, and then the explosion of joy that is December to look forward to. My internal (eternal, I hope) optimist is ready to salvage what I can of 2019. Pass the Reese’s.