I’ve always been a full-moon kind of gal. My brain works best with a visual aid to process what’s there, and so I’ve felt disconnected and almost indifferent to the new moon.

But lately I’ve felt a pull toward the new moon. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older, or, I don’t know, more weary? But I feel like the darkness has something to offer me. The new moon doesn’t put on a show. There’s no razzle dazzle with her. The new moon is a blank slate, ready to be filled up with whatever I’m feeling, and prepared to meet me wherever I am.

Tonight is the second new moon of July. It’s been an intense week; we’re coming down from the high of Grady’s birthday celebration, and Poppy has been making some big kid changes from toddlerhood to preschooler. I welcomed tonight’s new moon with an open heart is what I’m saying. I lit a candle and tried to fit a short meditation in between kid chaos and checked in with where I’ve come since the last new moon.

Saying goodbye and letting go have never been easy for me but I think my moon practice is helping me see the value in it. I can’t move on and progress if everything stays the same. Checking in with the moon helps me see where I’m going and how far I’ve come.

Do you roll your eyes at woo or are you here for it?